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This is an old outline of what I was planning on putting on my personal web page. As you can see, a lot of entries are still without links—and they might never have one, because this outline is from 1997, and a lot of things have changed since then. E.g., how personal a personal web page can be, what you are supposed to make online and what not, especially if you live and work in the U.S.

Anyway, my homepage has three sections: The Past, The Present, and The Future.

Because The Past is big, it is subdivided into Personal, Professional, and Academic.

If you want to know what I have added recently, please go directly to the recent updates!



Me, in short
Ultrashort resume
Where I come from
My life up to now: The Time Line (links to photos, sounds, videos, documents, people, etc)
My family: parents, sister/brother, other relatives
Important people in my life: friends and ex-girlfriends
Important things I have said, written, or done: The Highlights
My characteristics: vegetarian, non-drinker, non-smoker, colors....
My, drink, color, whatever...
My birthday...
My Interests

Computers: from Commodore computers to quantum computers
Playing Music
Flute: classic music
Tenor saxophone: jazz
Synthesizer: avantgarde, rap, pop
Drums: punk and heavy metal
Bass: mainstream rock
Audio Engineering
Video Editing
Telecommunication Technologies, especially cellphones
Body Forming and Body Building
R/C models (and how it lead to FFMPs)

My 'Statistics'

My grades (Elementary, High, University)
My Travels: Where have I been?
All The Movies I Have Ever Seen
When Did I Wear My Contact Lenses? Meaning, when was I up. I have all the data...
When Did I Work Out?
When Was I Sick, and why?

My Galleries

Photo Gallery
more Iroquois pics...


Music Business

Audio Engineering
Live Mixing (me as front mixer)
The Unersaettlichen
Blue 46
ILT Oliver Macchi
Grave Digger
DRAKKAR Promotion
Prodigal Sons
Others: festivals, etc.
Recording Studios
Prodigal Sons
The Unersaettlichen
Fun Goegh
Hi Grip
The Five Bruces
Jay Walker
Mund Art
No Worry
My Own Bands (me as musician, nonprofessional)
Nostradamus (Heavy Metal)
Rolo Polo Cover Band (Mainstream Rock)
Will-O'-The-Wisp (Indie Pop)
The Woodys (Surfsound)
Miscast (Punk)
Team Time (Synth Sound)
Phlox (Jazzrock)
Other bands and musicians
Jelly Beans (Sandra)
Calamity Jane (Fraenzi)
Ralphman (+ BONUS TRACK!)

Video Business (Video Editor, Postproduction)

Project ConCam (link to FFMP!)
Videocompany, Arcom (FAST Videomachine)
SF DRS (employed)
my working hours at SF DRS
Motion Pictures 8 and 16mm (Nigge, Albrecht, Alex Capus)

Fashion Business: BodyBox (especially our graphic designs and cool business cards...)

Our T-Shirts


Saalbau Aarau
my working hours at the Saalbau Aarau


Resume (programming languages, languages...)
All My Writings


Elementary school in Obergösgen and Trimbach
High school (Gymnasium) at Kantonsschule Olten
Ornifle, a play by Jean Anouihl
Study week: super 8mm movie
Klassenzusammenkunft: 10 years after...
University of Bern, Switzerland
Transcripts, record of subjects
Special Psychology (major)
Classes taken
Explorative Untersuchung [pdf German scan]
Lizentiatsarbeit [pdf English abstract] [pdf German]; Evaluation [pdf English]
Classes taken
Paper Intergenerationelle Gerechtigkeit [pdf English summary] [pdf German]
Computer Sciences
Classes taken
job at International Data Corporation (IDC)
job at SVD


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Media Laboratory
My application, Statement of Objectives, etc. Research Assistant
Speech Interface Group
Research Project Knothole (two-way pager stuff)
Reseach Project TinyProjector (tiny laser projector for mobile devices)
Free Flying Micro Platform and Papa-TV-Bot
Artificial Multi-Ethical Advisor System (AMEAS), or Artificial Ethical Entity (AEE)
Fall 1997
Spring 1998
Fall 1998
(Spring 1999: no classes, just working on thesis)
Fall 1999
Spring 2000
Fall 2000
Conversational Computer Systems (MAS.632)
problem sets
Discourse (MAS.736)
final project: Daboo - An interactive system to make a user guess a word as fast as possible (without using taboo words)
Embodied Intelligence (6.836)
final paper: Free Flying Micro Platform and Papa-TV-Bot: Evolving autonomously hovering mobots.
Virtual Society (MAS.962)
assignments: final project: Impressionist visualization of online communication. Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering (21F.225)
final paper: Free Flying Micro Platform and Papa-TV-Bot: Evolving autonomously hovering mobots.
Systems and Self (MAS.714)
assignments: final project: The Two-Way Pager
Thesis Preparation (MAS.640)
Master's thesis Active Messenger: Email Filtering and Mobile Delivery
PhD Qualifying Exams


What's New? Recent Updates!

Note: The page All The Movies I Have Ever Seen, as well as my home page with recent important and/or interesting things in my life is being updated constantly. February 20 2006: added tons of content to my personal pages! (Lots of changes during the last 3 years, too.)
March 2 2003: finally made a page about all My Writings
February 25 2003: finished my report on the TinyProjector
February 17 2003: added some pages about the cool snow we just got!
July 5 2002: added some sound files on my music web site: ancient Phlox recordings, from 1982 or earlier.
June 9 2002: added some sound files on my music web site: probably the very first Miscast recordings, also around 1982: me trying to play drums...
June 5 2002: on my homepage, added entry on my recent panel talk in Switzerland.
June 4 2002: on my homepage, added entry on my recent encounter with NASA's Personal Satellite Assistant PSA.
May 1 2002: added some pics on my homepage from our cruise ship vacation on the Voyager of the Seas.
January 29 2002: updated page about my Qualifying Exams at the MIT Media Lab (main area paper etc.)
November 26 2001: added even more stuff on my music: MP3 files of bands I have played in.
October 24 2001: added lots of sound files and pics on my music: MP3 files of bands I have played in.
May 31 2001: added page about my Qualifying Exams at the MIT Media Lab.
May 13 2001: added search engine on front page.
March 1 2001: started page about my music: MP3 files of bands I have played in.
February 27 2001: updated Active Messenger page, adding a Powerpoint presentation.
October 3 2000:
updated page about my classes at MIT
added the new Schedule Fall 2000
linked my British Airways contest submission
September 26 2000: added link to my OpenSource SpeechSynth
September 20 2000: added Ultrashort resume
March 19 2000: added many thumbnails to Me In Short
March 12 2000:
updated page about my classes at MIT
slight graphical modifications of Main Page, Me In Short, Table Of Contents, and Birthday.
December 15 1999: updated page about Free Flying Micro Helicopters (FFMP)
October 19 1999: Article about me in the Tribune de Geneve, a big newspaper in the French speaking part of Switzerland.
September 29 1999: Projects for my class How To Do (Almost) Anything.
September 13 1999: Schedule Fall 1999
September 2 1999: Active Messenger homepage (my thesis)
December 9 1998: final project of class Systems and Self: The Two-Way Pager
November 1 1998:
Schedule Fall 1998
class Systems and Self (MAS.714)
class Thesis Preparation (MAS.640)
Speech Group web page (done mainly by me)
September 9 1998:
Me, in short
Where I come from
My birthday
My Record of Subjects at the University of Bern, Switzerland
Sound and Video Engineering
My working hours at the Saalbau Aarau
April 22 1998: Free Flying Micro Platform and Papa-TV-Bot
April 20 1998: Research Project Knothole (pager stuff)
April 6 1998: Schedules
Fall 1997
Spring 1998
April 6 1998: Regular classes
Conversational Computer Systems (MAS.632)
Discourse (MAS.736)
Embodied Intelligence (6.836)
Virtual Society (MAS.962)
Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering (21F.225)
March 7 1998: more Iroquois pics...
March 6 1998: Photo Gallery
February 17 1998: All The Movies I Have Ever Seen
February 16 1998: Personal Comments on Titanic, the movie
Februay 13 1998: Where am I right now? Addresses and phone numbers.
February 12 1998: Ralphman (+ BONUS TRACK!)
February 08 1998: Daboo
Where am I right now? Addresses and phone numbers.


My Calendar
My Plans

"...Besides having a past, maturity means cultivating that past, integrating former experiences—previous ways of being—into the ongoing psychic activity..." (Mihail Csikszentmihalyi, The meaning of things: Object relations, development of the self, p. 100. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1981.)

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