ALL the movies I've seen in a movie theater EVER in my life!!

This list shows pretty much when I have watched a movie the first time, and what I thought afterwards. Therefore, not listed are the feature movies I have seen on TV (including videos and DVDs).

Not on the list are also the movies that I had to watch as part of my Video Editor job at the Swiss TV channel SF DRS in 1997. But that's ok, because I was paid to watch these movies for technical insufficiencies only, so I was focusing on my instruments more than on the content.

So, you might ask why I have this list here. Good question. Answer: I think by listening to my first reactions to a movie, you will find you A LOT about me, if you care! It's like a very extensive Rohrschach test... :-)

Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you have not seen a movie on this list, and don't want to spoil it, do not read my comments! They are often about the surprising and unexpected parts that you might not want to know before you watch the movie yourself! That should be enough, now enjoy the list...

Wanted June 28, 2008 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
Recently, my favorite way of way of describing movies is distilling out their ancestors, or components. This one's a combination of Tomb Raider, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Matrix. Tomb Raider is obvious, Angelina is the key. Gone in 60 Seconds because the movie is about an illegal and somewhat immoral trade, and glorifying it. Matrix because of the kinds of things people do with bullets, and how they are visualized. Then there is a pinch of Sin City (graphic violence), and Fight Club (the kind of self-destructive and masochistic fighting going on). There, you have it!
Speed Racer May 10, 2008 official website IMAX Metreon, San Francisco english
There are two things that come to mind when thinking about this movie: (1) It is FAST! I'd love to rewind and watch some scenes again in slomo. There's just too much happening sometime, and I went like Wait, what was that again? (2) In IMAX, it's probably the best non-chemical LSD experience I can think of! Not that I have experience, but I know people who do, and they described the experience in very similar words: the colors are just magnificent, popping out, and creating this hyper-real universe that is so... interesting! :-)
Juno Feb 2, 2008 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
Juno is one of those movies that I heard about, but was not very much interested in, originally. But the more interviews and reviews I heard or read, the more it got clear that there is no way around this movie. I don't want to give away too much, so here is my comment: In its overall tone, this is a very uplifting movie about teen pregnency. On one side, it is very nice to see a movie that is about making the best out of a bad situation. On the other side, one could insist that in the real world, not everybody is as nice as they are portrayed in this movie. Juno simply kicks ass the way she handles the situation, and certainly could be considered a role model (if she were real), but the movie overall is just incredibly optimistic and positive. Although I love that, personally, it may lead younger viewers into taking teen pregnencay (and avoiding it in the first place) waaay too lightly. In any case, I loved the movie.
The Golden Compass Dec 7, 2007 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
For people who know me, it is as clear as the sun why I watched this movie on the opening night: my dissertation at MIT was totally based on, or rather, influenced by the trilogy His Dark Materials, of which The Golden Compass is the first book. So, basically 3 or 4 years ago I already knew that I would go see this movie on the opening night... And I was not disappointed. I loved the way the book was transformed into a movie, and thought that the daeomons were shown exactly the way I imagined them. For those who still don't understand: what I did as my dissertation, and what I called Autonomous Interactive Intermediaries, is pretty much the technological equivalent of daemons. I don't want to go into details, just read this blurb, and then a summary of the movie, and you will get it...
Superbad Sep 2, 2007 official website Century 10 Plaza, South San Francisco english
Well, I may have to explain why we went to see this one: I just like the Arrested Development guy (the most intelligent TV show recently; why did they stop it after only three seasons??). The movie started out boring and totally vulgar, but got more interesting (= less predictable) later on. The SNL guy as a cop was good too (well, I like SNL), and the ending was... well, almost sober and (quote on quote) "optimistic"! But on the other hand, it was a Hollywood movie with a kind of "happy" ending, so, nothing new there. I think this one should be watched on DVD, and does not need to be seen in a movie theatre. All the good stuff (or whatever you want to call that) comes through on a TV screen too, and via Netflix it's cheaper (and more convenient) than a movie theater. (Ok, maybe that's because the Century 10 Plaza in South San Francisco is a totally sad, run down provincial movie theatre. There is no reason to watch any movie there, period.)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Aug 4, 2007 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
Well, I think I liked the Potter movies better when the kids were really kids, and the magic was really magic. It was just cuter. This one was much more... serious and dark. In fact, the final show-down looked totally like Star Wars! Lots of light effects from the powers that crashed into each other... Just replace the wands with light sabers, and you know what I mean!
Ocean's Thirteen 9.6.2007 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
OK movie; the problem is that there were no surprises. Everything was so predictable, no unexpected plot twists and turns. Maybe I didn't get the subtleties, or maybe it's simply time to let go of the Ocean stories.
Blades Of Glory 7.4.2007 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
Good clean fun. Well, almost clean. But it didn't hurt as much as Borat, for sure! Looks like Jon Heder will get really big. I root for him.
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan 5.11.2006 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
Wow, that hurt. I mean it hurt because it was so funny, but still, it hurt. Hard to watch, kinda. I have seen his earlier shows from Da Ali G Show, but still, it hurt.
Science of Sleep 08.10.2006 official website CinéArts - Century Theatres, 85 West Portal Ave, San Francisco english
Gondry is a famous director, and this one is even autobiographic, somehow. He is a really strange guy... The main actors are cute in their very own way, although definitively in a strange way.
The Da Vinci Code 28.5.2006 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
Very niiiice! I love Audrey Tautou, super great actrice. Haven't read the book (was I the only one?), so totally liked the ending.
Ultraviolet 04.03.2006 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
Cool things about this movie: the colors (slightly comic stylish, especially the extreme closeups: just amazing), the architecture (awesome, like Odaiba), Milla Jovovich and her fashion (Jennifer Garner goes Aeon Flux and kills Bill), gravity manipulation device, the music. I didn't get the story, though: what's the purpose of the boy, what's Milla's reason to defend him? And Aeon Flux made more sense. But, c'mon, this movie is about the visuals.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 31.12.2005 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
I liked that it was a bit darker, more "serious", and less cheesy. On the other side, it was weird how the movie makers tried to make the actors look and act like kids, when they clearly were young adults. I think the plot was very simplistic and linear, like stages in a video game: first challenge, next challenge, etc, until you get the final score. I thought non-linear stories are much more interesting, like the Potter movie where Hermione could time travel, and we saw the same scene from different perspectives. That, and the time paradox that comes with it, made it much richer than the last movie, I think.
Aeon Flux 17.12.2005 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
The design of this movie is stunning: a mix between Matrix and 5th Element (both movies I really like). There's also a bit of Tomb Raider and Underworld in there. The architecture and costumes were really interesting: although the storyline is located 400 years from now, the movie shows probably a more realistic future than Star Trek, which is also located around that time, I believe. I still love Star Trek very much. The story line is IMHO realistic: it is the question if random procreation is better than targeted cloning. I think 400 years from now, this will be a realistic option, and a real dilemma. But I didn't go see this movie for the story: it was the visuals of the preview that made me go, and I don't regret it.
Serenity 8.10.2005 official website Century 20 Theatre, Daly City english
Wow, that was a long break! Well, a lot happened since we saw the last movie on the East coast. Now we're on the West coast! The movie: Serenity is the 2-hour movie that came out of Firefly, the super cool TV show that got cancelled after one season. Now, I have to say that I don't really care about the story, or about the characters. I liked the TV show because of the hyper realistic dirty space age visuals, and that's it! In this sense, I didn't have a lot of expectations for the feature film, I just wanted to see more of the same CG stuff. And it was worth it! I liked the outcome. Veeery nice visuals.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 23.7.2005 official website IMAX at Jordan's Furniture, Natick english
Kinda weird movie. See, I am Swiss, and I have this special relationship with chocolate. It is weird seeing this whole crazy cult about Willy Wonka and his chocolate, and I, as a chocolate expert, have never heard of it/him before! In any way, Johnny Depp must have been inspired by Michael Jackson or something, being so mega eccentric and strange with kids. And the elevator is cute, but VERY similar to the Hitchhiker elevator. Still cool. The songs after each kid disappeared were kinda predictable after two of them, and having only one guy playing all the little guys felt awfully like an eighties video clip. Kinda.
Howl's Moving Castle (Hauru no ugoku shiro) 9.7.2005 official website Kendall Square Cinema japanese
This was a really cool movie. The landscapes were absolutely terrific. The villages and architecutre were charming, a mix between New England houses and Swiss mountain villages. The walking and flying machines totally cute, with all these tiny flapping wings. The story interesting: many of the characters actually reminded me of similar characters in His Dark Materials: good and bad witches, kids who become heroes, loyal pets, inanimate things that can talk, etc. However, I didn't get a few things: What was the relationship between Howl and Calcifer? Sometimes I thought Calcifer is Howl's heart. Then I thought Calcifer is a demon who was tricked into being Howl's slave (and it wants to get out of this deal). Another thing I don't get is the Witch of Wastes: at the beginning I thought she is the bad guy. In the end she was Sophie's senile Grandma!? And Sophie seemed to have the tendency of trying to assemble a family of random origin: a little boy became her younger brother or son (who is he, actually? Howl's son?); then she got herself a husband (kinda), a dog (who works for the really bad guy, turns out at the very very end); a butler (well, scarecrow); and a grandma (who I thought was the reason for the whole problem she got into; I would be mad as hell at her if I'd be Sophie). But other than that: cute!! I probably like it even better than Spirited Away.
War of the Worlds 2.7.2005 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
I think I read the book of the original movie, and very clearly remember the original soundtrack, so the story was not so much of a surprise, especially the ending. I liked the special effects, the performance of Dakota Fanning, and (surprisingly) Tom Cruise's performance. The movie was very frustrating, though, but that's just the story. The tripods and aliens were well made, although they look very much like HR Giger creatures: he will be pissed at Spielberg, since this will be yet another ripoff off of his Alien creature.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 7.5.2005 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
I know neither the comic nor the radio show nor anything else about it, but the movie was very entertaining. I sometimes had a hard time connecting larger segments to each other, but I am sure that if I'd watch it again (and I might) I will get it. There are so many cute things in this movie, or rather, cute ideas, it's really worth watching. It is kinda like 5th Element mixed with Monty Python. The guide itself reminded me of The Diamond Age's Young Lady's Illustrated Primer, just for grown-ups. Or for earthlings who have no clue about the galaxy. Yeah, I guess that's what it is.
Sin City 20.4.2005 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
This movie gave me a headache. Not sure what to think of it.
Ocean's Twelve 1.1.2005 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
This was a complicated story, and I still am not sure I understand what was going on. But it was funny. Julia Roberts playing Tess playing Julia Roberts, and then Bruce Willis playing himself... I liked it!
National Treasure 26.11.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Much better than the critics said. I actually liked it: the riddles made is less action-only, and the characters were actually funny--all of them. No real bad guys, at least not throughly; and the two sidekicks of Cage were making the whole story less dead serious.
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 18.9.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
I am not sure why we didn't go see any movies during the last two months: usually, during summer time, there are more interesting movies than during the rest of the year, but we must have been kinda busy lately (actually yes, we were very busy).

Anyway, I didn't have a lot of expectations for Sky Captain. The only thing I knew is that it was shot completely with actors in front of a blue screen, and all background is CG. Kinda like TRON... But I was not too impressed with the beginning of the movie: everything dark, gothic, a very retro environment, nothing special. It felt like a cheap mix between Casablanca and King Kong (well, mechanical King Kongs), and the actors were terribly overacting, like in a bad theater play. The costumes were annoying: the reporter's skirt made her walk like an idiot (until she rips it a bit more open on the side, again, completely overacting), and you couldn't see the Sky Captain's face during the first third (or so) of the movie because of the stupid goggles and scarf. Then there was this sepia semi-color, and every bright object on the screen had this glow, which makes everything fuzzy. I get this sometimes when my contact lenses are dirty... I hate that.

Fortunatley, the movie got suddenly much much more interesting when the airplanes started to dive: that was the sign that this retro past actually differs from our real past! Goood. The actors were still overacting, though. Then the movie got even more interesting with the mobile airstrips: they are so cool! It's the same idea as in Castle in the Skies: something huge hovering as an island in the sky! Wow! Although the story stayed on very predictable paths, the visual's got better: the eden like island finally had colors. I liked the emergency exit of Frankie on the bottom of the ocean, and how she returned to the airstrip above, in this combination of scuba diver and jet pilot outfit. And then there was Dr. Totenkopf's huge assembly hall with all the floating robots. That was very impressive, including the floating pick-up truck (kinda). Very cool. Although the robots (and the rocket ship) still looked like a 12 year old's impression of a robot in the 50s, at least they were hovering. So in the end, it was a good movie with a weak beginning. Oh, and I still can't stand the actors behaving like they're in a play, it's annoying. And yes, the final punch line is lame—but you gotta find out for yourself...

I, Robot 16.7.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Well, this movie is 'suggested' by Asimov, but it's also 'suggested' by 2001 (HAL), Short Circuit (Number 5), Star Trek (Data), Terminator (Skynet), Minority Report, A.I., Tron, Star Wars, and and and. I am fine with that, though. Will Smith plays himself, and this time he is using a hell a lot of four letter words—and the audience with his ethnicity (of which there were a lot, and I am not surprised about that) audibly liked that! I didn't really like the design of the new robots: they look very iMac-ish with their translucent skin. Why do they need translucent skin again? Anyway, I guess the ultimate point of the movie is that robots need the three laws of Asimov, but if they had a soul, they would probably bypass them. So, at least the movie touches on some of the ethical challenges of artificial life a tiny little bit.

But I would like to add something here: although it seems that the three laws of robotics are simple, if implemented, they would have implications and consequences that are not well known. For example, a robot with the three laws cannot become a soldier (which is good), policeman (not sure about that), or security guard (that's probably not good). But these are the functions that robots will most likely perform first, if they ever get to an acceptable performance level! I mean, think of it, robots are simply more suited as security guards because they do not get bored, tired, distracted, or corrupted. So that's a simple reason why the three laws will not get applied in real life, methinks.

Another problem is that robots with the three laws cannot be owned by somebody specific. I couldn't rely on my robot because other people could give it new orders! In addidion, these orders could be violent, illegal, or immoral. Violent ones could be avoided easily, illegal ones probably too, but not anytime soon, but immoral ones are very tricky to detect: it pretty much will require ethically aware robots! (I am working on that, actually, since it is VERY important.)

Having to follow anybody's orders is also bad in a very practical sense. For example, if I buy an android, you can come and tell my android to follow you, and pretty much hijack or steal it from me. That's not good, especially if the android cost me a lot. Or it is actually VERY good, since it seems that nobody can own robots, since they belong to human mankind as a whole! Tricky, but good if one is convinced that they are a higher life form: nobody can own other higher life forms—we don't have slaves anymore. Good.

The laws also don't allow a robot to defend itself, especially against android hating people. Even if we assume that nobody can own a robot (because they serve all human mankind), I still might have a personal emotional relationship with it, and it would hurt me a lot if it was destroyed! Therefore, it should be allowed to defend itself—but that's tricky.

But there are also simple and practical problems with the three laws (and the movie refers to one): sometimes, both a robot's actions and inactions can cause harm to humans, for example when two humans are fighting each other, and an android is trying to stop them. So, these laws are not specific enough.

In the end, I think that the three laws actually get obsolete if the robots had a good dose of common sense and ethical awareness. I know the scientists who are working on the former (which is very hard), but not really on the latter (yet). Except me. I do.

Spider-Man 2 5.7.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Pardon my French, but that was crap! The actors were bad: both Dunst and Maguire are just not made for their roles. Maguire is just a kid, and whenever Spider Man shows up, he suddenly has twice as much muscle as before! And he still looks like a computer generated thing. Period. And Dunst as scream queen is just bad. Everybody tells me that she was a good actrice when she was young (or as a kid), but I am sorry, these days she is bad, just not believable. And the monster: come on, Inspector Gadget was better than that! And drowing a little sun in a river?? I dunno what to say about that. And then the nemesis story, the son of the guy that Spidy killed in the last movie: it is absolutely baaad! I can't take the actor seriously, nor his motive to kill Spidy. Why would anybody wanna watch such a bad movie? Whatever.
The Chronicles of Riddick 12.6.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
I think I have mentioned before that I like Vin Diesel. But there is something wrong with this movie. I can't put my finger on it, but at least in the first third the acting was really aweful (and I am not talking about Vin: I never expected him to act, actually...) Well, the acting got much better in the second half of the movie, especially the bad guys were really well done. But there is something wrong with the timing of the story: sometimes it was too slow (no content, it seemed like; why is this shot in there??, etc), and sometimes too fast (huh, what was that about again? everybody dead already??) Perhaps it is better to watch this movie as DVD, where one can go back and fast forward if necessary. And, yeah, the story is pretty shaky, to say at least. Actually, the story is not bad, but it is told in a shaky way. Sometimes it felt like one of those cheap TV movies on the SciFi channel (which—I admit—I am familiar with only too well...) BUT: Vin Diesel looks good, the special effects are very good, the sets and the costumes are phantastic. Hmm, actually, the costumes are very much Greek inspired, just without the naked butts! But the helmets and the body armor could be from Troy! :-) Anyway, there are lots of reasons to watch this movie, but I wish they had fixed the obvious problems. I am sure this is not going to be a big commercial success for Vin—not because of him, but because somebody else screwed up, somehow. Too bad, this could have become a classic!
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 5.6.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
It was better than I expected. Man, these kids are not kids anymore! I wonder how they will continue. I mean, according to the book, they just got one year older, but they ain't kids anymore already. Other than that: yeah, the werewolf was cartooney, but I guess that's how it was supposed to be, since he is actually not the bad guy. Hmm, the bad guy didn't look too bad either, especially as a rat. Anyway, nothing too fancy, but well done.
Troy 29.5.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
I think I have read parts of the Illiad, but I actually didn't recognize many characters or events (beside the Trojan horse, of course). But I liked one thing specifically: I liked the way Brad Pitt looks. I mean I know him, I know how he looks normally, so he must have worked out for half a year, and be under a very strict diet to look like he does in the movie. Perhaps he even took steroids? It's also the hair and makeup, and of course all the Spaghetti Western style hyper closeups that make him look fantastic. Well done! Well, for Brad Pitt it was his job to look good, and for the dozens of millions dollars he gets for this role he better prepare well for playing the greatest warrior alive! Now I really wonder how much of the story is fictional, and how much is based on real events. Probably pretty hard to find out 3200 years after the events supposedly happened!
Van Helsing 9.5.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Very nice movie. I liked both Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale (I liked her in this movie much much better than in Pearl Harbor). Great special effects, nice monsters and vampires, all very stylish. Really cool movie, very designed.
Kill Bill Vol. 2 17.4.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Yes, this was a good movie. Although it was long, I didn't get bored. BUT. Hmm. There was something mechanic about it. All the segments of the movie made PERFECT sense: in order to get out of the grave, she had to have this special capability, which explained the chinese martial arts segment. In order to kill Bill (is he really dead?), she had to have this special capability, and of course Bill told her about it and even enabled her to learn it, etc. Just everything made perfect sense! All the questions got answered! Yes, she ran away, and he overreacted! And yes, since they are all liers, they used a truth serum. Duh! So, the puzzle was put together, perfectly. That's it? Ok, I am happy that there was not so much violence in the sequel than in the first one. The first one was just gross. Ok, there was a little violence in this one, and there were surprising elements in there, but not a lot. Perhaps it's just me, but I am not a fan of sequels that just explain all the mysteries of the earlier movie. Why didn't Quentin add some more mysteries? That would have been easy! And it would also explain better a third installment (which I heard will come). And since last week, I have this additional serious problem with Quentin: why does he like American Idol so much? He was guest judge, and it really sounded like he was following all shows closely since he knew the history of each participant! Doesn't he have more important things to do that watch American Idol? I am doing this, consistently, but I am not the guy who brought us Pulp Fiction! Quetin being an American Idol fan makes him a normal person, somewhat uncool. Shouldn't he live in a castle in dark rainy Scotland, thinking about his next Oscar winning deeep deeep epic movie trilogy? Anyway, he can watch whatever he wants, but it doesn't make his movies any better. Hmm. Oh, one last gripe: if a heart explodes, I want to see an explosion, ok? Especially if it is the climax of a movie! I EXPECT that from such a movie, even if a heart can't really explode in realy life (I think), I want to see the explosion! They didn't talk about an implosion, but explosion! He could have done it with a greenish flame or something else funky, but not just omit the whole fun, ok?
Starsky & Hutch 6.3.2004 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Not sure what to write about this one. Ben Stiller was funny, but I think I liked Zoolander better. But I also have not seen one episode of the Starsky and Hutch TV show. Might have made the movie funnier, or perhaps not. I am seeing so few movies these day, this is the first one this year! How come? Are there no cool Sci-Fi or Fantasy movies out there? What's happening, Hollywood??
Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King 20.12.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
That's a looong movie, man! I was getting uncomfortable after 2 and a half hours, and Frodo was still hesitating with this friggin' ring! I guess I just don't understand the whole story well enough. I have lots and lots of questions, and I don't feel like reading the books. What happened to the other wizard, one of the major bad guys from the other movies? Why was the steward so bad, wasn't he supposed to be one of the good guys? Why does the Evil Eye need this little ring so bad? Or the other way round: why does the evil empire crash when the ring gets melted? What is it with this ring, why does it make people corrupt? Why did Frodo have to leave at the end? Because he has been wearing the ring? I guess there are answers for all those questions, but I don't really care. Again, as with the first and second movie, the landscapes and the architecture were AMAZING, and the massive battle scenes absolutely impressive. These things by themselves made it worth watching this movie for me. Good movie.
The Matrix Revolutions 8.11.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
It's a good third movie, I think. Nothing beats all the surprises and firsts (bullet time, pseudo zen philosphy, etc.) in the the first movie, but this one is still a good third movie. The people who know me will be able to predict my favorite thing: the APUs (Armored Personal Units), the exoskeletons that are used by the Zion soldiers to fight. Although I really didn't like the hardcore fighting-to-death scenes (reminded me of Starship Poopers), I liked these cute exoskeletons. They reminded me a lot of the loading robot that Sigourney Weaver was using in Aliens! And the end of the movie: well, I guess it was a good solution. I don't wanna spoil it, but think it was an appropriate ending.
Kill Bill: Volume 1 11.10.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
The question is: is it worth watching an excellent movie if this movie is making me feel uncomfortable? What if the actual goal of such an excellent movie is to make me feel uncomfortable, because of its incredible violence? Good questions. I asked myself the same ones when I was watching Pulp Fiction. And I am asking them again after Kill Bill 1. Will I watch the sequel? Probably. Will it be a good movie? Pretty sure. Will I enjoy sitting in the movie theatre? Not sure.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life 2.8.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Well, she certainly looked cool in her silver body suit—I mean, hot, of course! :-) No question about that. And some scenes were really nice—like the birdman stuff, and the sunset love scene. But it is no accident that my partner yawned all the time during the movie. There was something wrong with the timing, at least in the first half of the movie: it sorta seemed slow. It became much better in the second half, though. The fact that Til Schweiger had a role in this movie was interesting—but I still liked him better in German TV as a dorky detective: he was really funny there! Anyway, I like James Bond movies, and this one was like a female James Bond—so I liked it! I know I know, I am a simple person...
Pirates of the Caribbean 20.7.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Although Depp looked somewhat gay (or rather, metrosexual?), he was really funny! I liked his acting, it was really good. Perhaps it's because he put a little bit of Rolling Stones' Keith Richards into the character? Pirates as rock stars... yup, makes sense, sorta! And the girl looks like a mix between Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, and Kate Winslet. Really! And to all the people who left during the final credits: you guys missed the real end!! :-)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 12.7.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Wow, there are so many movies out there that this one borrows from: first of all, X-Men, of course. Very clearly. Then Hulk—Mr. Hyde is a really bad looking Hulk, and the other guy, later on in the movie, even worse. Nevertheless, the idea of Hulk is identical. Then the Vampiress—can't remember which movie it is, but there is a very similar story. Nemo's car is identical to Batmobile, just white instead of black. And so on, and so forth. Sean Connery is cool, as always—even as a 73 year old ex-Bond. Well, he's probably more of an Indiana Jones, but we already know him in this role, too (well, his father). The people who are part of the League are sorta strange: Tom Sawyer?? Dr. Jekyll?? Mr. Moriarity??? And Nemo as an Indian/Pakistani pirate? Rather exotic, but, well, it keeps it interesting... The technology they have is also cool—Victorian and analog, but cool. And of course I liked the gigantic submarine...The story was ok, and I liked the decor, the settings, and the locations. Rather unusual. I would say it was fun!
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 5.7.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Perhaps it is just too long ago, but I am starting to loose track of who sent back whom why. This whole business of messing with the time line very rarely works anyway, and it certainly does not make a lot of sense in this movie. Anyway, the special effects are good, especially the car stunts, the Terminatrix cool, Arnold funny (I liked his first sunglasses—but why does he need sunglasses anyway?), and the ending surprisingly surprising. Oh, yeah, and I liked the cute hoverdrone! From the first two movies, I always thought that these guys must be huge—but then they turn out to be tiny, indoor thingies! Or are they supposed to grow or what? Well, come to think of it, the robots don't really make sense anyway. Why the heck would someone have hundreds of tank like robocop robots stashed away somewhere, just waiting to turn them on? Well, that solves the bootstrap problem: how were the first robots built, etc. Not too bad, this movie, but also not too spectacular, after all the Matrices.
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 28.6.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
The stunts are really cool. All of them. But the director did something weird with the colors: it's kinda oversaturated, and some scenes look like soft rotoscoping (painted over), especially the motocross stuff. Anyway, interestingly, I don't find neither Drew Barrymore nor Cameron Diaz really attractive in real life, but they look pretty cool in this movie! Demi Moore starts to look old in the face (ONLY in the face!), but that's ok, she is over 40 now. Oh, the story. I had a hard time following what's going on, but that is irrelevant. The scenes are fascinating in themselves, no story needed! ;-) There seem to be a lot of continuity between the first and second movie, I am told, but although I have seen the first one, I hardly remember anything about it. I am sure the same will happen to me with the second one... But that's ok, I had fun anyway!
The Hulk 21.6.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Is Hulk just a ticked-over Shrek? Actually, in the close-ups, he looks much much better. The facial expressions were pretty good—and of course it helped that Hulk did not have to speak (with one exception). The ending, with his father, might seem a bit over the top. Actually, no, it's good. The very ending however, was a bit cheesy. Why would he do that? Anyway, much better than I expected, but I still look forward to the coming summer blockbusters, Charlie's Angels II, Lara Croft, Johnny English, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and all the others. A footnote: this is the second big movie where Media Lab PhD John Underkoffler had the role of science and technology advisor: that in itself would be a reason to watch the movie!
Bruce Almighty 24.5.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Better than I expected. Really. I liked The Mask and The Grinch, but this one's actually deeper... No, really. I think this movie is about responsibility—can you handle it? It does not have to be all the way, being Almighty. But even if you, e.g., 'just' plan on becoming a parent: are you ready? Can you handle the responsibility? As I said, deep. Weeeell, perhaps not "deep deep", but still... And no, this movie is neither about Christianity nor God. No, it isn't.
The Matrix Reloaded 17.5.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
My favorite scene was the two trucks crashing into each other, and how Neo flying low through the city peeled the facades off of the buildings and lifted cars off the street... cool! Story wise, I am not sure if I followed. The first one was easier. I think my interpretation is that, eventually, there will be not just the real world and the matrix, but that the real world itself is another matrix, embedded in another real world, etc—like a stack of matrices on top of each other! Or even more complex: that it is not a hierarchical stack, but a circular one, so that if you unplug yourself often enough, you get to the first matrix again... But I am not complaining: that was a really entertaining movie, and I might go watch it again, possibly in an IMAX theater! :-)
X2 3.5.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
The first of the summer blockbusters—finally! I haven't seen a lot of movies recently, but I hope it is getting better now! I liked X2, with all these 'special' people... However, I am pretty confused about some characters. First, there is William Ryker—sorry William Stryker... (I know this one's not Picard's Number One, but it REALLY sounds similar when Patrick Stewart is pronouncing it...): where does this guy suddenly come from?? And Magneto and Mystique: are they good or bad? Not sure. Perhaps it's like in real, nobody is throughout bad or good, everybody is gray. Either light gray, or dark gray... And another thing: if Wolverine is 'made' as a result of an experiment, he is not really a mutant, is he? Well well, I guess I should read some background literature about that whole stuff—or not, and just enjoy the movie and not think too much. And yeah, Wolverine is cool. And we will see him again—it couldn't be more obvious that there will be an X3, since Magneto and Mystique flew away—with Pyro, who might have switched sides since he got cooled down so bad from Rogue via his ankles during his fire devil presentation...
The Core 29.3.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
The plot of this movie is soo far out, I don't even know where to start: driving (sliding? cruising?) with 130MPH through x-thousand degrees farenheit hot lava with a pressure of x-thousand PSI, a few thousand miles down in the earth? What kinda material comes even remotely close to withstand such environments? The movie appears to be situated in our time—and perhaps that's the main problem with it. Would they have situated it in, say, 2050, then a lot of the fancy technology would be more 'explainable'. Anyway, surprisingly, the characters are well drawn, the acting is so far ok, the lines are not too stoopid (except perhaps the hacker archetype—could he be geekier? Don't think so). This movie appears to me like a mix between Matrix (the inside of the ship), Armageddon (the ride, the catastrophies), a bit of Contact (the fancy technology we don't know where it comes from), a cheap Disney underwater movie, and a themepark ride of Tokyo Disney Sea (hard to explain—the ones who have been there will understand). But then again: we have been in space, under water—but never deep inside our planet earth (with a few Disney exceptions, again), so, technically speaking, we have no clue what would expect us there... Before I forget: this movie is worth watching in a theatre with a good sound system—it helps a bit to overcome the thin plot.
Daredevil 21.2.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
So, let's see: What'c cool about this movie? Well, for the girls, there is Ben Affleck, and for the boys, there is Jennifer Garner. Anything else? Not really: there are no gadgets, Daredevil doesn't have any 'real' superpowers—sorta lame. It's like, they started with Superman, then Batman, then Spiderman, then they were running out of cool super heroes. Each of them has less gadgets, and is less astonishing. And the next thing will be Hulk—just a big guy. Sigh. In summary: I expected a bit more. Perhaps I should stay with X-Men, James Bond, and Alias! The funniest scene was when Daredevil and Elektra were fighting in the park—that was cute! P.S.: I liked Bullseye better than Daredevil. P.P.S.: Most important finding: in this movie, Jennifer Garner looks like the sister of Conan the Barbarian!! Really, she does! :-)
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 12.1.2003 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Yeah, that was fun. It's actually amazing, since I don't like gory battles, and the second half of the movie was almost exclusively about a battle. But I was way to impressed with the animation to be grossed out by the battle. (Actually, I can hardly recall any blood.) The second thing that was impressive was, of course, Gollum. Looks like a new chapter in motion capture technology! I still haven't read any of the books, so I guess I am missing a lot the whole story and background of the main characters, but that doesn't really matter. Cinematographically, there is enough there to make this an entertaining 3-hour movie.
Star Trek Nemesis 14.12.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
I watch Star Trek Next Generation A LOT. And I think I got influenced in my daily life, both professional and personal, a lot. Don't get me started on how and why—it just does. So, whatever the critics say about Star Trek Nemesis, I just love it. It has all the ingredients that are important to me: cool space ship views, nicely organized starship crew, a Captain that is charismatic and can THINK, and at the same time has an ethical consciousness that is worth the technology he commands. I don't think this was the best Star Trek movie, but who cares. It is WAY worth the 9 bucks we paid each. Really. Trust me.
James Bond: Die Another Day 4.10.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Well, OK, I have mentioned many times already that I like James Bond movies. And I indeed like this one, too. There were a few things that were distracting, though: I don't like the fact that Bond is tortured for an extended amount of time. That is not very James Bond. He couldn't escape for 14 months? Come on! And then, I don't like that his employers gave up on him. That's so not James Bond! And some of the gadgets were not really cool, like the mirror in space, and the invisible car. Just not very fancy, I think. And why the heck had the bad guy on the frozen lake suddenly a car with the same features as Bond, like rockets, or missiles, or whatever? What I liked, however, is that Halle Berry had such an extended role. That gave the movie a nice balance. Actually, she was almost better than Brosnan! So I am not surprised to hear that her character will be spun off into a movie of its own. Cool!
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 4.10.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
So the new Harry Potter is the first a of bunch of cool movies this November and December. And like a year ago, I didn't get all the details, partially because I have a hard time with British English (I wondery why, since I was taught it during my first years), part because I have not read any of the books. I would guess that would help. Anyway, like last year, I like all the floating and flying things, but that's just me. In general: that's just a neat movie! For a movie maker, having the possibility to make wizardry the center of action is soo cool: everything can happen (rubber arms...), but everything is fixable (petrification)!! I like it.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 4.10.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Wow, that is the first movie in almost two months!! The summer was crazy, EVERY weekend a new block buster—and then from August on, nothing. I am looking forward to Harry Potter, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, etc. Oh right, the movie. It was nice. What else was there? Not as fancy as Muriel's Wedding, but also about a wedding (duh!). Nothing spectacular, but entertaining. I wonder if all these Greek stereotypes are made up or true. Oh, and I didn't know that Fatone (the Fat One of Insync) is Greek. NOT!
XXX 11.8.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
So, I like Vin Diesel. As I mentioned earlier, he looks like a young Adriano Celentano (in case you don't know: the most famous Italian comedian). Is that the reason why his female partner looks like a young Gianna Nannini (in case you don't know: the most famous Italian rock star)? I know that many people like Asia Argento, but I think there are many much more beautiful Italian actresses, like for example Monica Bellucci. Perhaps the director liked Asia's beautifully wasted Euro kid look—just not my taste. And man, I like stunts, but some of the ones in Triple X are just over the top. Sometimes they are just plain silly, like the the extreme motorcyle jumps, or the heatseeking missile to take out a cigarette smoking guy. I really like stunts, but they have to make sense a little, please. I don't think Vin is a good actor (although dimensions better than Arnold Schwarzenegger)—I just can't take the things seriously he says and does. Another thing I don't get is that the guys from Anarchy 99 are his enemies, then his friends, and then his enemies again. The fact that most of them behave super silly doesn't make it better. BTW, in case you have the habit of walking out of the movie right when the final credits start: don't, because the animation underneath the final credits are really cool! Perhaps I couldn't really enjoy the movie because I knew about the death of Harry O'Connor III, a stuntman who died during shooting the key para-sailing scene at the very end. Such knowledge certainly prohibits enjoying guilty (but cheap) pleasure like Triple X.
Signs 2.8.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Ok, this movie is not about signs, and it is not about crop circles. Perhaps you can say that it is about an alien invasion, but it is actually more about the main character's struggle to believe (or not) in God. Now that we have this out of the way, letís move on to the fun stuff. The thing I really liked about this movie is that it is a Hollywood movie with an alien invasion, but there are absolutely no star fighters, no cool looking spaceships (except a few dim lights), no weapons (not even guns or rifles), there is no army or secret agents saving us—in fact, there is no technology at all in this movie! (Except a common Baby Monitor, which is an interesting issue in itself.) Impressive—I really mean it! On the other hand, the knowledge that the little boy had about aliens and alien invasion scenarios is up to date, amazingly realistic, and couldn't be further away from a Star Wars or even Star Trek perspective of aliens (although I like both of them much better than the "realistic" view of aliens.) Although you will get to see aliens (which are pretty scary looking monsters, I must admit), the movie as a whole was not as scary as I thought. (Note: I can't watch scary movies, in general. I had no problems as a teenager, but I am probably getting more and more sensitive... Bummer!) Still, what scared me most were all the people screaming right behind my seat!! They behaved as if they would expect to be scared ANY SECOND, which probably made them jumpy, and then the SCREAMED into my ears at the slightest occasion—even if it was not really scary... I guess that's why we go to the movies, right? Anyway, I also like the actors, umm, in fact the only important thing in this movie. They were good, IMHO, especially the children. The only actor who was not very convincing was the director—just be writer and director, that's ok, and leave the acting to the pros! I don't really care about the ending of the movie, as many other people do, and seem to be disappointed with it. I was not disappointed. I think it is a somewhat possible ending, over all. Of course I KNOW that if aliens, against all odds, have the capabilities to visit us from outer space, they would also foresee the problems they could encounter, and be prepared for it. But then again, our whole knowledge of why aliens would want to visit us in the first place, what technology has to be available to do interstellar travel, etc, is not very water proof...
Austin Powers in Goldmember 26.7.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
What a cool movie, yeah baby yeah! It's difficult to say exactly why without placing spoilers all over, but I certainly liked the opening scenes a lot, with all the cameos. How much did all these actors get for their short appearances? I think Goldmember is a good example for the third movie of a trilogy where the last movie doesn't suck compared to the other two ones: I actually think it is at least on the same level as the other ones. But then again, I like James Bond movies and comedies, so Austin Powers is the perfect combination for me. I am still surprised though how Mike Myers can get away with insulting so many different countries and minorities: I think this must be a borderline case for a US movie—it certainly would not be too extreme for a British comedy, so I personally have no problem with it. But how about the Dutch, the Scottish, the Belgians, the vertically challenged people, and the fat bastards? Anyway, I liked it.
Men In Black II 5.7.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
I guess I just expected too much. The story was nothing more than the original MIB, the effects were not better than the original MIB, and the original MIB had more surprises. Although I WANT to like this movie, it seems flat to me, somehow. But I can't explain exactly why.
Minority Report 23.6.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
There are two things about this movie: (1) Technology, (2) Content. The technology Spielberg shows us is great—I like it! I like the cars, climbing up the house walls; I like the spiders that have swarm intelligence (and are a way less intrusive way to identify people than arresting them); I like the rocket belts, the helicopters, even the annoyingly animated cereal box! But I ESPECIALLY like the computer user interface: manipulating data streams like a conductor! Of course we will all have to learn all these gestures etc, but that looks like fun. To the second point, content. That's not so simple. There are many things I have problems with—and I don't mean things like precognition, something which IMHO is very unlikely to exist in the way it is described. I mean that this society is keeping specially gifted humans like in prison to serve the community—the precogs are human, aren't they? But the main problem with the content of this movie is that I think there are better ways to influence the course of present action if you know the future. Why does somebody have to be accused of a crime if you simply can prevent it? Why do these cops just inform the wife that if she continues to cheat on her husband, she might get killed? Won't that change the course of things enough so that the murder will not happen in the first place? Ok, there are some die-hard criminals who just can't help killing, but that is not the majority of all crimes. And why are all the accused sent to this strange prison where they are put in a state of life suspension? Isn't that a bit harsh as a punishment for a crime that never happened? In any case, I believe that we always have a choice, so if we knew about the future, we could change it. And that's enough to doubt a system like Spielberg describes in Minority Report. P.S.: And yes, I agree that Tom Cruise did a very good acting job in this movie. P.P.S.: I liked the movie a lot!

Addendum: I just found out (here and here) that our very own John Underkoffler has consulted with director Steven Spielberg on the film's futuristic details. That's why some of the gadgets look so Medialabbish!! And congrats, John, I like what you told Steven.
The Bourne Identity 16.6.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
Now Matt Damon is a better CIA agent than Ben Affleck! He can look really bad and dangerous! The movie itself is not something new, but the actors make it up. Although she is by far not as cool as Lola in Lola rennt, I liked Franka Potente, though: she doesn't look like a model, but like a serious actress, and that's good so. Actually, on stills she looks very good, almost like Sophie Marceau (and we all know that she is hyper jolie...) It's cool that her English is good enough for Hollywood, and she still is allowed to swear in German, meaning, it is still clear that her character is allowed to be German. In general, it is a rather European movie, most of the outdoor shots were done in Europe. Matt is trying really hard to speak French, German, and other unusal languages, and he's doing an ok job. Just a detail: the Swiss cops in Zurich were not 100% convincing, one was native, the other one certainly not! But who cares, beside the Swiss German population no one will ever notice... And of course I like Franka's hair color in the first part of the movie... :-)
The Sum of All Fears 9.6.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
The movie is better than the critics tell us. Ok, Ben Affleck seems to be too soft to be credible, somehow. But then again, that could be part of the idea behind his character. And in the same way Ben Affleck is too soft, the spy, John Clark, is too 007, too James Bond: he is everywhere, desert or ice, can talk all languages, kills everybody who gets in his way. Also not very credible. But the thing that I really don't like in this movie is that the horror of a nuclear bomb detonation is not made clear enough, i.e., there is no radiation sickness, there is nothing about a decade-long quarantine of the area around the blast, etc. There is a BIG difference between traditional weapons and nuclear ones—and it is a not just a quantitative difference. Oh well. And then, at the end, getting rid of the terrorists takes just a few minutes. Hmm, that looked TOO simple, even for a Hollywood movie, given that in real life the US military elite are chasing after a few men for many months now. Actually, that seems to be the hard part nowadays, finding the guys who are responsible. But it's a Hollywood movie, and pre-Sept 11, so that's ok. Unfortunately, real life has caught up quite a bit to this movie. :-(
Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones 18.5.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
This is one of these movies that is so famous that I don't know what to write about. All things have been said/written already. Well, I guess I just have to focus on my own experience. First of all, I saw it in digital projection—the first time I saw a digital projection. I thought that would mean it's better than analog, right? But I saw pixels, and jagged fonts, like on common computer monitors! I am not sure if that's better than the less stable and less bright picture of a normal projection. Anyways. Another thing that was strange was the end. After the credits were done, at the very end, the credits started all over again! An encore of the credits! Or was this a bug of the digital projection? Or a new trend? And finally: Padme's eyes are amazing. The color is very... unique. I tried to find out what's the name of her eye color, and did a web search. It's crazy, there's a gazillion Natalie Portman fan sites—and I still don't know the name of the color of her eyes...
Spider-Man 5.5.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
This is such a Hollywood movie! A big dose of super hero, a table spoon of scream queen, several spoons of villain here, a little bit of mystery there, and of course the perfect connectors to a sequel. And a tiny tea spoon of morale: When you have power(s), you have responsabilities. Nothing more and nothing less. Europe won't like this movie—it's just too shallow, too American. I am not sure what to think of it: I liked Batman better, including the villains and the girls—nothing beats Michelle Pfeiffer in this role! Speaking of female companions: Kirsten Dunst is certainly a nice person, but she is soo normal looking. I know, I know, it's the current fashion trend, and she indeed looks somehow like a second class American Eagle Outfitters or Abercrombie & Fitch model, but not really all the way. Or am I missing something? Right, she was an excellent actress as a child. But does that really count now? And why does she look so much like a German teenager? Perhaps I am influenced by her German name. And when I saw Tobey the first time, his smile looked so familiar to me. It took me about an hour to figure it out: he must be the little brother of Brent Spiner, courtesy of Star Trek NG's Lieutenant Commander Data! It is true, they both have the same smile!! And the transformation of human to insect was better in The Fly. Okay, spiders are not insects, but arachnids, who cares. They both would stick to walls and ceilings. Whatever...
Life Or Something Like It 27.4.2002 official website AMC Fenway 13, Boston english
I didn't expect anything, and that was good. Since I didn't expect anything, the experience was pretty good. I don't think it is an above average movie, but I guess it's an OK movie. One of the reasons why I am not particularly enthousiastic is because Angelina just looks artificial in this movie: her blonde hair looks artificial, her lips look artificial, etc. It just looks somehow fake. Whatever, I think the ending is surprising, and that's at least worth something.
Ice Age 16.3.2002 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
There are two sides to this movie: first, it is very nicely done. It is in the style of classical Disney animations: great body language, slapstick, etc., but it is rendered much more realistically than any animation movie of the "old" style. Second, I had a problem that bothered me most of the time when watching this movie. It is about emotionalizing wild animals. I felt rather uncomfortable when thinking about these animals, their natural behavior, and how they are anthropomorphized, or rather, emotionalized. Basically, the saber tooth tiger has no choice but to kill a mammoth, if it can, because the predator will die if it doesn't kill they prey. That is OK with me as long as I don't attribute human emotions to such a destiny. The saber tooth tiger does not mean it personally when it kills prey—it just has to do so to survive. (The movie actually adds revenge as a motive.) Such an animal in real life does not have the option of friendship, if it comes to life and death. Basically, it kills or it gets killed, one way or the other. This is true for every species, except humans. (And it is true for humans in extreme situations, like war, but that's another issue.) So if we attribute human emotions to animals that just try to survive, and we find out what they actually can do or are not able NOT to do, it will inevitably end in a tragedy. Now, why does this not bother me with other animated movies? The difference is that Ice Age actually depicts a lot of the animal's movements, habits, and even drives much more realistically than other movies. Furthermore, the whole movie is based on a story of friendship that bridges species, against all drives, instincts, and needs. This friendship is not just a byproduct, it is the main issue in this movie! One could say that not all characters are modeled after real animals. That is true, but we know from the Rhinogradentia that emotionally, for humans it doesn't matter if the species indeed exists, as long as it's appearance and behavior is described consistently—as long as it is believable. The creatures in Ice Age are pretty believable. In this case, we are willing to believe, and are willing to attribute human emotion, including drama. And going even further, it doesn't even matter if we know that this character is just a fantasy creation, as long as it is described in a believable way. We make it real, in our minds. Terrel Miedaner gives a good example in his short story The Soul of the Mark III Beast (in chapter 7 of Douglas R. Hofstaedter and Daniel C. Dennett (1981) The Mindís I. If you want to know more about that, read my comments on it here. You have to skip to page 36 of this 78-page document, though.)

So, watch out: this movie is cruel. What I want to say: be careful, you cannot be empathetic with the main characters without potentially getting "hurt." Wild life is cruel, if we like it or not. As long as we rationalize it as adults, that's OK, but children do not do that. A good example is the parallel story line of the small rodent that tries to safe a single acorn, throughout the whole movie. Its story is a tragedy! The poor animal just wants to survive, and surviving in the Ice Age is very hard! It looses the acorn so many times, gets trampled on by bigger animals, etc. Funny! I can laugh about it (sorta), but I am not sure if I want to expose little children to that, until they have developed a certain immunity to the potential tragedy of life. The film makers probably knew that too and felt bad about it, so they added the ending with the cryogenically preserved rodent that finds a super nut after 20,0000 years, on a paradise island. So it eventually gets its nut and is happy—just to cause another catastrophic natural disaster. Life is a tragedy, as I have said, and we can laugh about it. Or, at least, we should. I am not sure if I can, though, my laughter got stuck in my throat, somehow. And perhaps I am taking this all too seriously...
The Time Machine 9.3.2002 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Wow, time travel—I like that! It's so cool to see what will be in 50 years, 100 years, or even 1000 years! One of the reasons I like Star Trek is to see what the film makers think we will have in the future, what technologies, but also how human societies will have evolved, etc. So when I heard that The Time Machine would go 800,000 years (eight hundred thousand!!!) into the future, it almost blew my mind! Then I saw it. The thing I liked best was the time lapse photography. That was really cool. And the exploding/exploded moon. Then, let's see... That's actually about it! All the rest was either unclear, confusing, silly, stupid, or just didn't make sense. I know, the time paradox is a difficult issue, but even the Back To The Future trilogy did a really good job compared to The Time Machine! It just doesn't make sense what is going on in this movie. If I understand correctly, the main thing Alex learned is that although you can travel into the past, you can't change it, so you better find the right future for yourself. That's it. I think I don't want to go into details about what is not working in this movie. It's just: they spend about one million man hours on such a flick—one man working a million hours, or 1000 man working 1000 hours. That's a big investment! And the photography is indeed nice—they probably spent weeks and weeks on just a few seconds of footage, adding effects, compositing, etc. Why the heck can't the film studios make sure that the story is on the same perfection level as the photography? It just takes one good author to write a consistent and deep story, and many sci-fi shows can do it (for example, again, Star Trek Next Generation). Why not finding a consistent and deep story for a big investment like such a big movie?
The Queen of the Damned 22.02.2002 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
I am glad this was not a horror movie—I am scared of horror movies (I guess I am just getting too old...) Instead, it was a soap opera like insight into the daily (or rather, nightly) troubles of vampires. Nothing mystic, just about all the ups and downs of these immortals. And it doesn't really matter that they are not really immortal eventually, and that many other things don't make sense. It is an aesthetically nice movie, including the main actors. Lestat looks like Brandon Lee, and Aaliyah is just perfect for her role as an almost omnipotent queen of the dead. Interestingly, they both have a very high level of androgyny: Lestat has a very feminine side, and Aaliyah a masculine side—but not too much, of course. It is also somehow like a long music video, and I don't mean that in a negative sense. Music is important in Lestat's life, and this makes a lot of sense: being part of a hardcore band on tour, getting up in the evenings and falling back into the tour bus bunks (coffins...) in the mornings—such a life could indeed make one feel like a vampire, I can tell from my own experience. With a little help of drugs, this effect really could kick in (and there I do not have experience myself). Levitating, being invulnerable, and especially being something better than the common mortals—doesn't that sound like some rock stars probably must feel like? But all that stuff is harmless, filmed nicely with cool photoshop effects: although there are dead people and killings, none look really real. It's just like Buffy—not scary, but entertaining, and we watch it for the FX anyways. In summary, despite the stoopid title, a very aesthetic experience, and the fact that the stunningly beautiful Aaliyah just died in a plane crash makes it a bit creepier. And even if the movie does not make a lot of sense story wise, I donít care. I am glad that Aaliyah was able to finish it: it's a very pleasant way to remember her. BTW, donít try this at home—I mean, the m ovie looses a lot i f you donít have a stadium strength sound system. The hardcore soundtrack needs high quality and high volume speakers. That was the case in Fenwayís auditorium 12, a very pleasant experience.
The Count of Monte Cristo 26.01.2002 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
This movie is based on the liberating feeling of revenge. I am not sure if this is a good reason for feeling good, but since this is Hollywood, what do you expect. Good has to prevail over Bad, so if somebody is in a horrible prison for 13 years, innocenty, then some bad guys have to suffer afterwards to compensate for that. It is somewhat predictable. If you like this movie, you should see Papillon. I think it is going much more under the skin (not that I like that...). Oh, the best scene of the movie was the way the Count arrived at the castle... My style!
The Royal Tenenbaums 5.1.2002 official website Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge (other) french, english subtitles
The narrative style of this movie is fascinating: since it's probably how I would approach a comedy if I would ever make one, I liked it. It's like somebody literally telling the story of this family, in separate chapters, illustrated with moving pictures, very short scenes (at least in the beginning). Interestingly, the movie's funny elements are not on the surface, but somewhat hidden. There are no superficial slapstick elements, but all in all, eventually it comes across as a really dry comedy. And I mean that in a positive sense. But don't expect too much depth: the motivation for the behavior of the characters is not deep. The only deep thing could be how correct the movie describes an american middleclass family (except for the prodigy children, of course).
A Beautiful Mind 25.12.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
This is one of the many movies where the audience realizes halfway through the movie that not all the things the main character sees and does are real (Fight Club, Sixth Sense, etc.) I don't particularly like Russell Crowe, I just can't connect with him, and this is a one-man show, so, I am not sure what to say. OK, he is a good actor, and it's great that a person who classifies as "crazy" (whatever this means) still can get a Nobel prize. But there is something missing, something that makes this movie not as emotional as it could be. Oh, I see: there are no bad guys. It's nobody's fault! There is no real conflict, it's just bad luck that this guy sees things that do not exist: the drama exists mainly within this person's head.
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 22.12.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
What I like about this movie: the landscapes, the architecture, Gandalf. The landscapes are not all computer generated, so New Zealand must be really beautiful (note to myself: visit New Zealand). The architecture is extremely fancyful, I like that. Gandalf... hmm, I thought he was the strongest character by far: old, but still strong and agile, radiating an incredible wisdom and goodness. All the close-up shots intensify that. The way he uses his magic is much more sophisticated than, e.g., the magicians in Harry Potter. What I don't like about this movie: the stupid monsters: why are they all looking like creatures from a video game? Why are they all so dumb? I also don't like that the movie ends in the middle of the story. That's ok with TV shows when the next episode will be aired next week—but I don't want to wait until next year! The audience in our show also thought that you can't stop the movie where it ended—a lot of them complained.
Waking Life 19.12.2001 official website Sony Loews Harvard Square english
I have never done drugs, but I actually have talked a lot to people who did. They described their experiences to me in detail since we were on band tour busses where you can't do anything else, and you can't go anywhere else. So I know how LSD must feel. This movie came closest to how my friends described the effects of LSD. But let's start from the beginning: During the first 10 minutes, you try to figure out why this animation movie looks so extremely real, although the animation itself is somewhat rough. Then you realize that they first must have shot the whole movie in real, and then "painted over" it. Or perhaps they had some computer help that took each tenth frame, applied some segmentation software to separate background and foreground, and then modified the patches with some fancy Photoshop plug-in. Of course they must have done a lot of manual corrections to make it look so artistic. Then, after 20 more minutes, you start to remember where you have heard this kind of monologue before: in the transition between adolescence and becoming adult, you had many discussions with pseudo-intellectuals, dreamers, and other very interesting guys. These discussions took place usually after they had some beers, between midnight and 6am—which does not make them less valid. Anyways, after 20 more minutes, you realize that the low frame-rate of this movie can get very annoying: cool for a music video, but very difficult to watch for 90 minutes. And so you close your eyes to avoid getting too dizzy, but then you have to listen to the intellectual wanking of these weird guys. So you open your eyes again and try to make sense of what the main character is actually up to, or what is happening to him. And then the movie is over (and you probably still don't know what it is about). Then you go home and google up the official web site and learn that the technology used for this movie is called Rotoscoping (invented almost a century ago by Max Fleischer), and the many animators and a rtists spent 250 hours for one single minute of real footage—but on the rest, you were right.
Ocean's Eleven 8.12.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Neato. Not that Clooney or Pitt or Roberts (or any of the actors, for that reason) were great, but it is a typical movie where the audience thinks they know what's going on, and during the second half of the movie they realize that they have no clue: surprise after surprise after surprise. Sorta like a James Bond movie, spread out over eleven: you know the outcome exactly, but you don't know how they're gonna do it. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less. Of course it works only the first time, because if you'd knew what they were doing, it wouldn't be suspense anymore, would it? But that's true for all suspense things. So there.
Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain 28.11.2001 official website Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge (other) french, english subtitles
So, this is my fifth year in the States, and I admit that I enjoyed the local (U.S.A.) movie landscape with its high Hollywood saturation. However, after all that time, I still have to say that Amélie is actually THE real cinema: a movie that is art and entertainment at the same time. It's a funny and surprising story, stunning cinematography, subtle special effects, great acting, all in complete style, a main actress to fall in love with—in short, a jewel!! This Jeunet guy is just a master, absolutely astonishing. Not that it surprises me, but Amélie is even more sophisticated than his earlier movies because it is a HAPPY one, in contrast to Delicatessen and Alien Resurrection. And the main actress' eyes are sooo perfect for this role! Go and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed, I can guarantee you.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 22.11.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Well, well, well. Let's just assume that I am completely unaware of the big media buzz around this movie, and let's just ignore that I know that Warner has spent 40 Million bucks just for promoting this flick. If I ignore all that, what remains? First of all, I like all the free floating things in this movie (duh!). Fantastic! The fancy, ever changing free floating decoration of the main eating hall, like the candles, the pumpkins, and so on and so forth. I wanna be able to levitate or make things float like that! Another thing that I really liked was the atmosphere of the school: something like magician's MIT for elementary school kids: a bit weird, on-campus dorms with strange traditions, but then again everybody is a geek anyways, a bit secretive, the graduates are almost certainly getting famous one way or the other—or is it rather like Harvard? Then, I like the game: a mix of airplane pylon racing and rugby and polo and Star Wars pod racing. Cool! Then, I liked all the wizard's gadgets, like cloaking cape, the wand, the owl. But there it starts to get problematic: none of these things really had a deeper meaning. For example, what was the role of the owl? None! In general, there were many things that didn't get resolved, that were introduced and then left alone. Perhaps they will get relevant in the sequels? I am not sure if this is a good start for the series, too many promises that were not solved. Or perhaps I should just go read the books, like my office mate and my mom did, and they both liked them—and then everything gets clear!? Does it?
The Man Who Wasn't There 16.11.2001 official website Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge (other) english
First of all: I don't like movies that end like this one (I don't \want to spoil it for you, though, so I can't tell you). But make no mistake: Billy Bob Thornton was perfect in black-and-white, just fantastic, his face! Still, until the very end I couldn't figure out what was going on in this man's head. Cool movie, lots of weird stuff going on, like UFOs—but this is no Sci-Fi movie, in the contrary! :-)
K-PAX 3.11.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
99% of our show's audience missed the end of this movie! After the credits, there was another scene, and it was NOT a goofy outtake! No, I won't tell you what it was... This movie made me remember that I always wanted to be from another planet. Somehow, I always felt like that. Anyway, I don't want to go into details about the problems with this movie, but the more I think about it, the less clear it is to me what is actually truth and what isn't. The more I think about it, the less it makes sense. Or can somebody explain me the relationship between Prot and his friend? Perhaps I should just read the novel and stop asking trivial questions. One more thing: I liked Kevin Spacey in this role, and I think I would look like him with dark shades! (I also look like Bruce Willis and Andre Agassi and many other famous people. Hmm, what does this mean?? Might there be something very wrong with my self perception?)
Bandits 21.10.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Ahhh, that was good! Perfect innocent entertainment! Nobody gets hurt, no bad guys, all the explosions and special effects are indeed special effects (even within the movie), the guys are actually smarter and funnier than they seem to be in the beginning, and a surprising end... And I like Bruce Willis. Perhaps I want to look like him, or I actually look similar to him, or perhaps I just like his kind of humor. Or it is just good hollywood work that makes me like him, for some reason. I don't care.
Zoolander 29.9.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
This is a typical non-black comedy: it has absolutely no depth, not offensive, but just entertaining. I guess that's what we all need right now! I sorta like Ben Stiller, as an actor: completely average Hollywood comedien. And I am not sarcastic.
Rock Star 16.9.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Perhaps it is just bad timing, but this movie felt really flat to me. In times of real megaterror, an extended "VH1 Behind The Music" just doesn't do it anymore. In the last week, I watched TV for many hours, and after that, I am asking myself: Why would somebody want to watch this movie? Real life is way more thrilling, unfortunately.
American Pie 2 25.8.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
An R rated comedy, so true! They didn't try to make it family compatible, good. Primitive, but entertaining. And I remember clearly some parties in my life that were very similar to the ones in this movie, so, it's NOT exagerated. Interestingly, drinking age is 21 in the States, and the kids in this movie were probably all supposed to be under 21, and still drinking. I personally don't care, since in Europe drinking age is much lower, as low as 14. Why do the States think their kids have to be protected more than the rest of the world? And the kids get around these regulations without any problems. Doesn't this look like Double Standards? Note that I don't drink at all (I never did), but I also don't interfere with what others do with their lifes, it's none of my business. Anyways, the movie is cool as long as you don't expect too much.
Rush Hour 2 11.8.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
The combination of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan is indeed very entertaining. Not deep, but entertaining. And I have a lot of respect for an actor who does all the stunts himself. Nevertheless, the funniest things were the outtakes at the end of the movie: Jackie is a really hard working guy, and they must have had a lot of fun making this movie!
Planet of the Apes 4.8.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
This movie is about ape masks. And the best thing about this movie is the many close-ups of faces all kinds of apes. The guy who made them will get (another) Oscar, I am VERY sure about that. The female ape faces were not very convincing, though, they looked like dolls. Beside the faces, there were lots of cheesy things, e.g., the time travel (reminded me of Back To The Future), the relationship of the astronaut with the tall blonde girl with the blue eyes (was there something going on or not?), and the story itself. Even the ending was cheesy. But, whatever, the masks were absolutely great.
Jurassic Park III 21.7.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
We had two free movie tickets, so we went watching Jurassic Park III. As some other critic already said earlier: The Jurassic Park euphoria is probably extinct by now. When I watch Discovery channel, I see dinosaurs that are almost as cool as the ones in JP3. And the story is not making the movie better in any way. And there is no really cool actor or actrice either. Hmm, why should I watch this movie again? Anyways, I have heard that some people called A.I. a bad movie. (I liked it, though.) I wonder what these guys would call JP3?? Ultra bad? Or would the just ignore such movies?
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 14.7.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
I wanted to see this movie because of the animations. Period. Therefore, I don't care that the soldiers looked like decendents of a Star Wars Imperial trooper and a Borg drone, some of the monsters like the ghosts of the bugs from Starship Troopers, some like the big one in Evolution, the female main character like Lara Croft (in the first 20 minutes, sorta), that the story about the good and bad ghosts/spirits was as unclear to me as the one of Dungeons and Dragons (and some monsters looked really like dragons). I really watched it just because of the animations. The hair was great, absolutely great. The facial expressions were not perfect, but I am sure they are already working on that. Furthermore, I liked the holographic 3D user interfaces they had for their machines and computers, I really loved that stuff. I might wanna see the movie again on DVD just for that. And needless to say, I like the helicopter/spaceship hybrids they were flying. Cool. And don't tell me the story was weak and the conversations silly, I don't care. Not this time.
Memento 7.7.2001 official website Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge (other) english
Phew, that was weird, a movie told backwards! It takes a lot of short term memory concentration to put the puzzle pieces together in the end, but it is fun. There are so many false leads, actually, this is the main problem: everybody lies, has her or his own agenda, and the main task for the audience is to figure out who lies the least. (Natalie is an obvious case.) And I don't mean only lying to others, but also to him or herself. Very tricky. There are tiny little hints spread all over the movie, a few frames here and there, and if you miss them, you won't get it eventually... Interesting is also the main actor: a mix (I love mixes) between early Arnold Schwarzenegger and early Brad Pitt—very attractive! After the movie, we (a group of peple) discovered that almost all of us have a little of this condition that Lenny is suffering from. Hints tell us that some things were probably not transferred from the short term to the long term memory, but we can't figure out what it is about! Anyways, this is a movie one has to see twice, or at least see it on DVD again, and then watch the chapters in reverse order... Or perhaps somebody could re-edit the movie so that the time line is correct, for the guys who had a hard time figuring out the order of the events. This movie is for people who love puzzles—it is a real challenge, but entertaining. Don't go see it if you just want to relax for two hours with a flat Hollywood action movie, that won't work. Interestingly, this is a rather old movie that opened almost four months ago, and still it was sold out at Fenway when we got there, so we moved to Kendall Cinemas. The movie was good, but I still prefer Fenway over all other Boston area theatres.
Artificial Intelligence 30.6.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english

This is a GREAT movie! It comes very close to my all-time favorite, The Blader Runner. But, let's be a bit more specific: The movie is perfect until the aliens arrive. Everything that follows after that is a bit hard to digest (reminds me of the ending of The Abyss, also not very convincing). But up to then, I LOVE it! The movie is about what happens if we have artificial entities that are made to love us. It turns out that the humans are the problem, not the robots. Can humans love robots? It would be wrong to ask: Can humans love non-humans? Of course they can, just think of pets. However, robots are not pets. So my big question is: Why does the "imprinting" of a robot have to be irreversible? The whole drama of the movie starts when the mom stops loving the boy and he still loves her like crazy. That is a real problem with humans (and pets), but why couldn't the robot builders just implement a "super PIN" code that detaches the affection of the robot from the ones it is supposed to love and which do not love it back anymore? Why create an artificial (...) drama by making a robot's love eternal?

Anyways, besides such problems, the movie is absolutely fantastic. Haley as David is amazing, there is no other word for his acting skills. I also think that I was not the only one in the auditorium who found Teddy extremely cute and fascinating. How can such a simple looking toy be so touching? When I think of it, Teddy's behavior seems to be actually more sophisticated than David's: Teddy repairs itself, it keeps the most important thing (mom's hair) safe, and enables David's dream after two millenia. That also leads to some weird issues: how can David focus blindly on the Blue Fairy for 2000 years? Is there nothing else such a robot would like to do? If it has the capability to love, shouldn't it have also needs and drives that are more basic like being social, accepted, and something like learning and common sense reasoning?

Interestingly, the hate of the orgas (organics, humans) towards the mechas (mechanics, robots) is rather flat and superficial. Hugo de Garis would probably have to say more about this issue, but it didn't seem to be central to the movie at all. I also don't understand how the Web hype around Jeanine Salla is related to the movie. I mean, Blair Witch used the Web to make the public go see the movie, but does the strange game around the "sentient machine therapist" really make people wanna watch the movie? Perhaps. I wanted to see it anyways. The movie is actually very related to two of my current research interests: How do humans react to artificial autonomous entities? Of course I am not thinking about such sophisticated robots like David, but eventually, it leads to the same issues. And: Would the ability to reason with common sense make autonomous agents better ones? This is a rhetoric question: of course it would make them better. The real question is how to successfully implement common sense reasoning in artificial entities. Strange that David did not have a lot of it, or, that the builder of his brain made him run into a behavioral "deadlock" by making his drive to be loved stand above EVERYTHING else. Every other reasonably sophisticated being would have tried to find another way so become "real". But then again, David's (almost literally) eternal trying to be loved is what makes this movie so emotional and deep.

There was a talk and a panel at MIT about a month ago, where Haley Joel Osment was answering questions about the movie and Artificial Intelligence in general. After that event, I was asked by a TV crew if "I buy the story." I said that I "believe" in A.I., but that I would have to see the movie first to decide. Now I can tell: Yup, I buy the story. Thanks, Stanley and Steven, for such a great movie.

The Fast and the Furious 24.6.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
I think I like Vin Diesel. I also think this is a very simple movie. And I furthermore think that Swiss people will LOVE this one (I'll tell you later why). And finally, I think the soundtrack is very cool, and I mean not only the music, but also the engine sounds. Anything else? Oh yes, I think I like Vin Diesel. Or did I mention this already? I think he looks like a mix between early Adriano Celentano (is he known in the States at all?) and Bruce Willis (of Die Hard fame). And the movie is very simple. I think it is so simple it is not possible to make a sequel, but I guess that's not up to me to decide. The movie is REALLY flat, but who cares. Good entertainment.
Tomb Raider 17.6.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
TR is a mix of Indiana Jones, Batman, James Bond, Charly's Angels, and of course a video game. Great effects, and Angelina is a pretty good stunt woman. There was one strange thing about this movie: eventually, she teamed up with the bad guys. She actually never intended to do what her dad told her to, and she was not worried about what would happen if the triangle was restored. I guess she just didn't care about trivial consequences like the earth might stop spinning, a terrible force unleashed, etc. Hmm, this all sounds very much like The Mummy films. Correct. I forgot this one. Add it to the list above! :-)
Evolution 9.6.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Why did this movie play in the smallest auditorium of the Fenway General Cinema? Perhaps my expectations were just low: I expected a two-hour X-Files episode, nothing more. Perhaps funnier than X-Files, but that's it. And it was OK, given my expectations. Other people might have expected more and were disappointed. Actually, I prefer X-Files over this movie.
Pearl Harbor 27.5.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
It is looong, this movie, very long. But we knew that. And it is not about war per se, but about patriotism and two men loving the same woman (yawn). We also knew that. And although the war scenes are brilliantly filmed, they do not go as deep Saving Private Ryan. We knew that too (and I am glad about that—Private Ryan was almost too much for me). But I think it is still weird that there are no bad guys in this movie—very politically correct. Is this a new Hollywood trend or what? The Japanese had to do what they had to do, and the Americans had to do what they had to do. War business as usual. The Japanese general, after being congratulated as wise upon the decision to launch the attack, even said "If I would be really wise, I would have found another way to solve this problem, without war." I like that. And I don't like the romantic side of this war business, the patriotic one. I hate that. But then again, I am glad that soon there will be no more human pilots in the fighter planes anymore. At that point, if somebody wants to wage war (in a "honest" way, meaning, against other peoples weapons, not against civilians), it will be machines against machines—and nobody will get hurt as long as they don't try to interfer with the battle of the machines. Then all these rather cheesy air fights, "man against man, who's the better pilot?" will be a thing of the past. At least, let's hope so—touch on wood.
Shrek 19.5.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
I know that his animation movie is not supposed to be for kids, but still, I thought that the scene with Fiona and the bird was cruel... Anyways, I was thinking: If I would have seen this movie as an old-fashioned hand-drawn animation Disney thingy, would it look better or worse than the computer animated one? Does the fact that I know that everything is CG distract me from the story? Did the animators deliberately make Fiona less photo realistic than they could have? I mean, she looks good, but the guys in Final Fantasy look better. (OK, Final Fantasy is not out, yet.) But, after all, I liked the happy ending—it was supposed to be a happy ending, right? Another movie that makes me ask more questions that it can give answers... :-)
The Mummy Returns 13.5.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Nice movie. Cool effects. But who is actually the bad guy? There were just too many parties in this movie. Who profits if who gets killed? Who controls whom? Why is the boy the chosen one? How did the two women survive the last 5000 years? Or didn't they? Was it just reincarnation? Perhaps I shouldn't think too much and just enjoy the special FX.
One Night at McCool's 28.4.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
It's one of these movies where I will never ever remember its name. Even during the show I couldn't. Will I remember the movie itself, or the characters? Dunno. I will probably remember the Pulp Fictionesque end, although I don't think it worked: the brother of the killed boyfriend just messing up everything is sort of not working. Who the heck is this guy? Besides that, Liv is sorta cute, but is she also evil enough to be able to kill two guys? Or just naive? Not sure about that either. And what's with her "house owning fetish"? Anyways, the best scenes are probably the slow motion ones (e.g, car-washing) that look to me like Playboy softcore clips. BTW, you can download them from the official web site—some details are painted over, though... No, not Liv's "details," but the S/M clothes of lawyer Carl, probably to get away from the R rating. Interesting: our show, which was on the second day after the opening, a Saturday, was filled not more than 15%—this probably means that there will be no "Another Night at the McCool's". Not too big of a loss, I think.
Josie and the Pussycats 21.4.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Hmm. Weird. This movie never leaves the "channel-28/29-world" (MTV and VH1), and it seems so artificial and cheesy and unrealistic. BUT, if I compare it with the "Pop Stars" TV show, which basically describes the "making" of Eden's Crush, a new girl group, then I think that Josie and the Pussycats is more realistic and has more street credibility than "Eden's Crush"! Except for the subliminal messages, of course. Strange.
Bridget Jones's Diary 14.4.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
This is a movie that has no beautiful people in it. I mean, they are not shown as beautiful people. (Why do I think Renee Zellweger has to look beautiful?) Does this make this movie "European"? I dunno. Perhaps it looks like "Film Noir", because they all drink and smoke, and seem to like it.
Spy Kids 7.4.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
I just like James Bond movies, and that one was something like a James Bond junior movie. It could have been a Disney animation movie, the content would have been perfect. But they decided to make it a REAL movie, with all the special effects and actors and stuff! Well, it came out pretty entertaining: Bandera's accent was funny (and the scene with the falling puzzles too!), Terri Hatcher ugly (well, after her wig got burned partially), and T2 Terminator slash X-Files agent Doggett the bad guy. It reminded me of a mix between Lost in Space (Danger, Will Robinson!), Charlies Angels (amateur spies...), and Hook (Peter Pan and the three kids). And I liked the gadgets (I always do...): the jet pack, the micro subs, the transformer subs, the super super tiny wireless cameras—I love it all! The only downside is the obsessive (US american) emphasis on "family values." Other than that: cute!
The Tailor of Panama 31.3.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
It was not like James Bond, and it was not like The Thomas Crown Affair either. It was mainly a lot of talking, big parts of it in British English (which I seem to have a hard time understanding, compared to American English—oddly enough, four years ago, the situation was inversed). Anyways, I couldn't really follow the story, until the end when I finally saw the connections between all the involved parties. And I thought that all characters were pretty weird—not only acting weird, but also looking weird: Geoffrey Rush looks like the guy from a Jarmush movie, and Jamie Lee Curtis looks strangely male, not sexy at all. The same goes for Brosnan—he, I mean his character, was just a jerk: neither sophisticated (Crown) nor surprising (Bond), and definitively not sexy. I am not sure why all the critics like this movie.
Heartbreakers 24.3.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Whenever I see Sigourney Weaver, I see Aliens. It is very difficult for me not to do so. However, Jennifer Love Hewitt is very cool, and the dresses she wears in this movie are absolutely fascinating, and so are her curves... ANYWAYS, the movie takes several very unexpected turns, so all in all it's nice entertainment for an evening. But I don't have to see it again or so.
The Mexican 3.3.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
The critics were really bad for this movie, so I didn't expect too much. But I must say that I liked Brad Pitt in this film, his looks, his style, his naivete (and stupidity), and that made up for an otherwise unspectacular movie. Oh, BTW, the theatre we were in is just great: huuuuge screen, lots of leg room, and a powerful sound system. It is auditorium 13 in the Boston General Cinema Fenway 13. (First "13" is the number of the auditorium, the second "13" the number of the General Cinema.)
Snatch 12.2.2001 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
What an ultra-violent movie! Perhaps people thought that A Clockwork Orange was violent—but that was nothing compared to Snatch. A weird thing: most of the main actors get killed, almost randomly, which makes it hard for the audience to bond. I think there should be a special category for movies like, Snatch, Pulp Fiction, Seven, etc: rated R is not strict enough. On the other hand, Snatch is very carefully done: the visual ideas of the movie makers are very refreshing. I think it should get an Oscar for best Cinematography. The effects and transitions are absolutely cool! I guess I don't like ultra-violence, but this movie is worth watching because of its transitions.
Traffic 3.2.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
So this time we made it to Traffic. It is a Pulp Fiction like style movie, meaning, there are many main characters and parallel stories that at some point cross each other or even overlap. I like this style. About the content: It is interesting that although the US seems to struggle with the drug problem, I haven't noticed anything since I am in the States. Perhaps I am just lucky and in an environment where drugs are indeed non-existant—or they exist but are very well hidden and a taboo. In Europe, the drug problem seems to be much more real and upfront, and I don't mean only nicotine, alcohol, and marihuana, but also heavy drugs. (I don't wanna say nicotine and alcohol are NOT heavy drugs—perhaps they are. Perhaps they are more dangerous than all the others.) Anyways, it's a nice movie, especially the use of different colors for different locations is a nice feature.
Sugar & Spice 27.1.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
We wanted to see Traffic, but we were too late, so we went for <>iSugar & Spice. We thought it would be funny and entertaining. It was, but I guess I just have no personal experience with Cheerleading and all related social aspects. Perhaps I will learn in the future, then I will understand this movie better...
Miss Congeniality 13.1.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Well, that's not a very deep movie, but it's entertaining. The best thing about it is showing how a normal looking person can be souped up to a beauty queen with the help of experts. I am not sure who I like better though, Sandra Bullock as the beautiful or the ugly person. Anyways, I think she must have had a lot of fun acting out this rough and unelegant character!
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 6.1.2001 official website Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge (other) english
This is an amazing movie. Although it doesn't play at your usual megaplex, it probably should. But it won't since the language is Mandarin, and the general US public doesn't like captioning. Whatever. The line for the tickets was very long, and the line to get into the theatre even longer—so twenty minutes before the start of the show, the theatre was already packet! That shows how some people really really really want to see this movie. And I can understand them now. Superficially, it is a Kung Fu movie in epic format with an elderly Bond girl. No, forget that. It is about the art of flying, the kind of Ninjas can do. No, that's not it either. For the first time, let me quote Laurence Santoro. He describes this movie in a nice way. Here's my summary: (1) Cool action movie of a very exotic kind (2) Romantic, deep and philosophical, describing 19th century Chinese ethics and traditions (3) Very strong and independant female characters—they do the main fighting scenes! (4) I am looking forward to the next movie starring Ziyi Zhang. If she wanted to, she could become the next Natalie Portman! But now read how Laurence describes this movie: (...) It is a superb action adventure romance with terrific acting and a much-welcome heart, that also has some absolutely breath-taking action scenes. Crouching Tiger, I am told, is representative of a specific literary/cinematic genre in China: Wu Xia, the wizard/warrior piece, magic and martial arts blended. I'm not familiar with the form, but the world portrayed here is a breathtakingly fantastical one. The story is putatively set in 19th century China, but it could be anywhere, anywhen. It is a place of high honor and deep feelings, a place where people are bound by traditions and held captive by their forms. It is also a place of wild and mythic landscapes: from stark desert (...) to magic misty green mountains with deep dark lakes and steeply cascading streams that come braiding, tumbling down the rockslide heights. High, reedy bamboo forests wave, wondrous, in the winds. In this world, people may do amazing things. The flying in this movie—properly called wire work in film terms—is fantastic. This technique, of course, was not invented by the Washowski's, but the choreographer of Crouching Tiger also staged the wire-fights of Matrix. Here, the ability of our warrior heros and villains to climb walls, to leap to the rooftops and soar from building to building—not to mention engaging each other in aerial combat that soars from the peak of a mountain top to the rocks of a mountain stream in a single take, or to duel on the very tips of dipping, waving bamboo trees—looks almost plausible, just over the border of the possible, at least. The (...) whole packed-in audience (...) burst into spontaneous applause several times throughout. And, yes, the woman are the action hearts of the film! Michelle Yeoh is wonderful (...) Here, she is more mature, quieter, wiser than anything I've seen her in. Her performance is strong and moving, her face registering, magically, a range of conflicting emotions, hidden secrets, crouching angers, all at once. Chow Yun Fat, too. I've been a fan of his since I first discovered John Woo's Hong Kong crime the best I've ever seen, as well...magnificent in his silences. Strength without cruelty. The center of the film, remarkably, is a girl who looks to be about 15! Ziyi Zhang whose date of birth is given as 1979. Zhang is from Beijing, China, and has only one other film credit. I say that she is remarkable because her story is the binding element of the film. And she holds the film together! Holding her own with Yeoh and Chow in both the dramatic material and in the balletic martial Pas De Deux (...) that frame the conflicts between them. She is the Luke Skywalker of the piece, if you will, though Crouching Tiger has everything the Star Wars saga had: excitement, thrills and magic, but here, it is wrapped in those things Lukas film wanted to give, but succeeded in delivering in only the most self-conscious way: heart and deep-placed spirit. By the way: this is an action film, almost uniquely without violence—or, rather, the violence is so stylized, so removed into some mystical realm, that it almost disappears into dance. There is, I believe, only one small splash of blood onscreen. The stylization works beautifully!
Cast Away 5.1.2001 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
How does Tom Hanks always get to appear in such good movies? Or are these movies good because Tom Hanks is in them? He is such a great actor. I thought that he just got a bit "modified" with body mask and latex to show the physiological change after 4 years, but I was wrong. Tom Hanks actually took off one year after the first part of the movie was shot and lost 50 pounds! He is amazing. But I also liked the special effects, especially the plane crash. After Swissair SR111 crashed in the Atlantic ocean over Halifax a few years ago, it made me think a lot, and I started reading about plane crashes and what people might experience and how they might feel during the last seconds. The movie describes it exactly as I would imagine such a crash: in the dark, the confusion and horror must be incredible.
Dungeons and Dragons 18.12.2000 official website Sony-Loews Assembly Square english
Well, I don't know the game behind it, so I had a hard time following the details of story. But it is neatly done, I liked the dragons. But I wonder why the two kind of dragons fight each other—they looked very alike, just the color was different. And the queen looked like a mix of Queen Amidala (First Episode) and the Childlike Empress (Unendliche Geschichte). As I have said, neat.
Vertical Limit 10.12.2000 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Although I am from a country with a lot of mountains, I can't really relate to this movie. The world of extreme mountain climbers is very different from what I know from the Alps. OK, I know someone who went to Mount Everest base camp, and I have seen the Everest IMAX movie, read some web pages, but that's it. So my mind was wandering: Could accidents like the ones in this movie be made less tragic if we would have (a) a reliable tracking technology that finds climbers anywhere, and (b) a VTOL vessel (vertical take off and landing) that can fly up to the highest mountains? The reason why I am asking is: we already have this technology, we just have to build a vessel—the tracking devices already exist, as far as I know. So if a group of climbers gets into weather trouble, we just send up a rocket driven hovering vessel that tracks them down and picks them up. Period. We even have the technology to make this vessel fly in zero visibility (snow storm), and we even could send up a drone first to explore the terrain and drop first aid and rescue material. So why don't we just do it? Perhaps the climbers would loose their romantic experience on the mountain? Perhaps they don't WANT to be saved!? Perhaps it would be just too easy to go up K2, and if anything goes wrong, the rescue team just picks them up? Perhaps I am just a helicopter and autonomous drone freak and have no clue about extreme mountain climbing... But why do they go up there in the first place? Questions, questions...
102 Dalmatians 25.11.2000 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
Go and see this movie if (a) you have a puppy dog, or (b) you want to get a puppy dog, or (c) you are a kid and you like dogs very much. The only other interesting part besides cute dogs is how the filmmakers transfer the problem of a kid that looks (or is?) different from all the other kids, and would like to be just a normal kid. I have never thought of a sweater doing the job, but perhaps it does in dog world. BTW, real dogs wouldn't care how they look like, would they? Just wondering. P.S.: It is "puppy dog," not "dog puppy". Sorry, I confuse that all the time...
The 6th Day 18.11.2000 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
The best thing about this movie is the helicopters, but that was an obvious one... I liked the remote control interface, although it was a bit trivial. Furthermore, I liked the 911 conversational interface (sooo bad!), I liked the virtual laywer/psychiatrist—even with Freudian/Austrian accent! Talking of which: For how many years is Arnold now in the States? His accent is still so bad that I start to believe that he speaks like that only in his movies, whereas in real life he speaks normal English... The same goes for his acting: Is it possible that after all these movies, he still can't act?? Hard to believe, so I assume that he does the bad acting deliberately. His marketing advisors must have told him that what the people like best about his movies is that they are funny and cute because of him having a heavy Austrian accent and acting really bad! Yes, that's how it is probably... BTW, two years ago I was involved in a summer-long workshop about a movie project called "Reproduction Interdite" by Jean-Jacques Beineix. (He became famous for Betty Blue.) It was roughly about the same issues of cloning and the (ethical) consequences of it, so it was very interesting to see how an action hero like good-ole "Conan" adapts this tricky issue. He did it with almost no depth, but all in all, the film was funny! I wonder though when Jean-Jacques will come out with his version of the cloning issue, I hope he didn't drop this project.
Red Planet 10.11.2000 official website Loews Fresh Pond, Alewife english
For some reason, this movie opened only in Sony theatres, so unfortunately, General Cinema was not an option. We went to see it in Sony Loews at Alewife. I have been there before, but again, it was disappointing. The screen was small, the seats located left and right of the center aisle, the sound mediocre. Anyways, some people have complained that I write more about the theatres than about the movies: that's OK, for a big part of the "movie experience" is the theatre itself—otherwise, I could wait and watch the movies when they come to video. But it's just not the same, especially with very high-end theatres. Back to the movie: It got very bad critics, so I didn't expect too much. And I was surprised, it was better than I thought. E.g., the film shows a lot of space technology that either is realistic or even really exists, like the Mars Rover and the russian Cosmo vessel. Furthermore, the fact that the robot Amee is a multi-vessel design, with a detachable hovering drone (mainly consisting of two counter-rotating propellers, very close to my own latest designs of a Free Flying Micro Platform), shows that the filmmakers probably have studied the current trends in ground and aerial robotics, and perhaps were inspired by the Aerial Robotics competition. I also liked that the commander of the mission is a woman—equal opportunities, after Mission to Mars! The downsides of the movie are: Amee's mechanical agility and intelligence is completely unrealistic. Period. Another one is that the story has a lot of non-hollywood elements. E.g., the astronaut who was pushed down the cliff should have come back at some time, as well as the one who was left behind. In "real" Hollywood movies, such things happen almost everytime—a person just dying without having any impact on the story doesn't make sense. And then there are a lot of little things that make this movie not conclusive: Why didn't the astronauts immediately chec k upon a potential atmosphere when they landed—that would be obvious, wouldn't it? And: All astronauts seemed to have a continuously open com link between each other. How could they not hear when one of them was pushed down the cliff? Anyways, this movie is best seen in a theatre with a biiig screen and a louuud sound system...
Charlie's Angels 4.11.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
This was the perfect match: an action movie in Framingham theater 6! The soundtrack with all its actions scenes was blasting away everything—what a sound system! It was just great. The movie: it's like a James Bond movie spoof with an all female hero trio—exactly my taste! And it is definitively a very funny movie, very funny actresses and actors, and funny Matrix and Star Wars inspired stunt scenes: I mean the ones where the actors fly through the air in slow motion, feet ahead, etc. But the camera didn't travel around them like in the Matrix—that would have been too expensive, probably. And there was a Darth Maul inspired dance like fighting scene, also very funny. The casting was interesting: since it is a comedy, the roles were all a bit over the top, especially the bad ones. But sorry guys, no hard feelings, but I can't help: I think neither Drew Barrymore nor Cameron Diaz are especially sexy (the former has a strangely shaped forehead, and the latter a weird shaped, way too big mouth). I am not sure about Lucy Liu, though. But that's not relevant: the actors were funny, and that's good enough for me!
Meet the parents 22.10.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Ok, back to a good movie theater! We saw this one in GC Framingham, in the former theater 5, now called 6. By far the best sound that I have ever heard! I mean, although "Meet the parents" is not an action movie, it really came well across with this sound system. The movie: Ben stiller is a really funny guy—that's basically what makes this movie worth watching. But it is defintively a one-show thing—I don't have to see this one again (whereas something like The 5th Element or Blade runner I could watch many times). Anyways, there is nothing else to say about it, I guess.
Best in Show 14.10.2000 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
We are just not lucky with Fenway 13: yesterday, the movie was sold out, and today, we were clever and ordered the tickets online, and got in—but we had to sit in the first row! I got a little dizzy because of that, I guess. Anyways, the movie was super fun! It was a pseudo documentary of a big dog show. There was no main character, but a bunch of them. Since dogs were also main characters, they must have improvised a lot for this movie—and that made it really funny! So if you have a dog, you must see this movie. For non-dog people: I dunno, might be funny because you can laugh about all these silly people making such a big deal about their doggies!
Almost Famous 17.9.2000 official website General Cinema Fenway 13, Boston english
This was the first time that we saw a movie in the new Boston Fenway General Cinema. The theatre was neat, but did not have the powerful sound system we are used to from Framingham—at least not the theatre we were in (number 8). The movie: I had no expectations at all. But as Kimiko mentioned after it, I could probably relate to the story much more than any average movie spectator. Indeed: I think that for each of the characters in the movie, I know a corresponding real life person. And a lot of problems the band was having sounded very familiar to me. Why I know all that? In an earlier life, I was sound engineer for Rock bands on tour—a role that was not shown in this movie, but somehow would be similar to the one of the manager (the original one, the one that actually end up as road manager). Although the movie plays in 1975, nothing has changed twenty years later. Although my experience is from around 1995, I can confirm most of the settings and situations. Rock'n'Roll doesn't grow older! Some of the issues were almost one-to-one from my own experience: doing drugs to keep in touch with the real world—although that never works out, of course (believe me or not, I never ever did drugs, I was just watching others doing it!!); having big problems keeping up normal relationships with girlfriends and wifes (no problem for me either: the singer of the band was my girlfriend...); difficult distinction between groupies and female fans (not my problem either...); having a complex relationship with a journalist traveling on the tour bus: is he a friend or an enemy? And of course, being a normal/uncool person, trying to become cool by working (or sometimes just traveling) with cool musicians—this is the major motivation why sound technicians and other road folks put up with the fact that they age twice as fast as normal people. Once you hit 40, you look and feel like 65. The continuous grind of road life, including the after show parties, takes its toll. That's probably why I stop ed doing it and became scientist.... But I admit that I liked the movie and it made me think if I should ever go back on the road! I am still an excellent life sound engineer, I know that...
X-Men 15.9.2000 official website Somerville Theatre english
One thing is clear: We missed the summer 2000 blockbusters because we were abroad. So the only theatre that was still playing X-Men was this alternative theatre in Somerville. Anyways, it was only 5 bucks, so what what do you want. But then again, the first thing I thought when the movie started was: Are there no surround sound speakers? Did they forget to switch on the subwoovers? Hmm, is this theatre stereo at all? So much for the "theatre" experience... But I liked the movie! No wonder, Jean-Luc Piccard—sorry, Patrick Stewart, had the role of master mind, perfect! And of course I liked all the gadgets and special skills all the X-Men had—if only there would have been less characters! My main point: too many characters, and none of them was carved out really well. The characters remained somehow superficial, unpersonal. But then again, I have never read the comic, so I might just lack the necessary background knowledge to make it all fit together nicely.
The Perfect Storm 8.9.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
OK, we are really late. When we went watching The Perfect Storm, the movie must have been already an old hat. It was playing in the worst of the General Cinema Framingham theaters, number 14. The music was loud, had no bass, and one heard only the left sound channel. But then again, this movie must be famous: in Japan on TV, I heard so many times the commercial for "Da Perfecto Sdorm." And hey, it happened not too long ago in Gloucester, MA, really close by! But I was a bit disappointed. This movie was about a few fisherman going out there and getting in heavy weather troubles and dying. That's it. Or did I miss anything? Oh, and the waves. Sure they look cool, and I have never seen such huge things in real, but somehow they looked artificial to me. And another thing bothered me: If the story about the Andrea Gail is based on a true story, how do we know about all the details that happened on the boat? Everybody died, so no one survived to tell us about it!? Oh well, nice pictures anyways! If you are going to see it, just don't have too high expectations.
Chicken Run 25.6.2000 official website Loews Cinema Mattituck 8 english
I love Wallace and Gromit. Therefore, it was clear that I would go and see Chicken Run. The theater was really low level: located literally in the dirty corner of a small strip mall on Long Island, seats full of M&Ms and other stuff, no cup holders (!), people talking during the show all the time, small screen. But the movie was pretty good. Not as surprising as Wallace and Gromit, but it was never boring or predictable. However, it reminded me strongly of A Bug's Life: The gigantic bird was just too similar in both stories! Nevertheless, the chicks, aeh, I mean hens were really cute! :-)
Big Momma's House 18.6.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
What was the name of the main actor again? I can't remember. But it is not important anyways: it could have been Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock. Nice entertainment, but definitively only funny the first time. And my not so enthusiastic comments are not related to the fact that the movie was shown in theatre 2, a small one with small screen and small sound. I am sure about that.
Gone in 60 seconds 10.6.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Cool and still somehow harmless movie. No deads, no blood, everything ends good—a bit predictable, perhaps. But the sound track has some very nice car sounds! At least it sounded well in theater 1 of General Cinema Framingham. BTW, the sound in this theatre is perhaps not as good as in number 6, but the screen is huuuuge! I think I have never a bigger screen anywhere else. The downside is that you can actually see if the movie projection is not completely in focus (which was the case in our show). Back to the movie: One thing I didn't understand is why Nicholas Cage was so obsessed with this certain kind of Chevy—why not with one of the Ferraris or Lamborghinis? I liked them much better anyways. Only one American sports car would beat the European ones: an old Corvette, of course. But that is another story...
Titan A.E. 3.6.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
That was a free sneak preview, the movie starts only in two weeks. We saw it in GC Framingham 14, in their best theater, number six, the "best sound system on the east coast." It was at 10am (!), but it was worth it. The cool thing about this movie is that until the very end, you don't know what is so special about this spaceship Titan that everybody is after. I liked best the final scene where it happens (...), as well as the sequence with the space angels: really nice colors! :-)
Mission Impossible 2 24.5.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Battlefield Earth 19.5.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Where The Heart Is 29.4.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Gladiator 25.4.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
U-571 21.4.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Boys Don't Cry 31.3.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Erin Brockovich 24.3.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14, Premium Theater english
Mission To Mars 10.3.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
The Next Best Thing 3.3.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Pitch Black 20.2.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
The Beach 12.2.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
The talented Mr. Ripley 23.1.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Stuart Little 16.1.2000 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Galaxy Quest 9.1.2000 official website Loews Fresh Pond, Alewife english
Toy Story 2 19.12.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
End Of Days 28.11.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
James Bond: The World is not enough 19.11.99 official website Sony-Loews Assembly Square english
The Story of Us 29.10.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Fight Club 15.10.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Random Hearts 9.10.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Double Jeopardy 26.9.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
American Pie 17.9.99 official website Somerville Theatre english
The Blair Witch Project 4.9.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Sixth Sense 30.8.99 official website Sony-Loews Assembly Square english
The Thomas Crown Affair 13.8.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Inspector Gadget 3.8.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
The Haunting 23.7.99 official website Loews Natick english
Eyes Wide Shut 16.7.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Lola rennt 9.7.99 official website Kendall Square Cinema german, english subtitles
Wild Wild West 3.7.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
Red Violin 29.6.99 no official website Kendall Square Cinema english, french, german, italian, mandarin, english subtitles
Big Daddy 26.6.99 official website Sony-Loews Assembly Square english
The Generals's Daughter 20.6.99 official website Sony-Loews Assembly Square english
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 15.6.99 official website Sony-Loews Assembly Square english
Star Wars: Episode I 23.5.99 official website General Cinema Framingham 14 english
The Mummy7.5.99official websiteGeneral Cinema Framingham 14english
Entrapment1.5.99no official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Squareenglish
The Matrix9.4.99official websiteSony Cheri, Bostonenglish
Forces of Nature2.4.99official website Sony Fresh Pond, Alewife english
Life Is Beautiful27.3.99official websiteKendall Square Cinema english
EDtv20.3.99official websiteSony Fresh Pond, Alewife english
Saving Private Ryan 13.3.99official websiteSomerville Theatre english
Shakespeare in Love7.3.99official websiteLoews Harvard Squareenglish
October Sky19.2.99official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Squareenglish
My Favorite Martian14.2.99 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
Elizabeth 12.2.99official websiteSomerville Theatre english
Rushmore 6.2.99official websiteKendall Square Cinema english
Rushhour5.2.99official websiteLSC english
A Simple Plan26.1.99 official websiteAllston Cinemas english
A Civil Action15.1.99 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
Patch Adams14.1.99 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
Rashomon11.1.99 . LSC, MIT Japan programjapanese, english subtitles
You've Got Mail20.12.98 official websiteSony Cheri, Bostonenglish
Star Trek Insurrection12.12.98official websiteSony Fresh Pond, Alewife english
Slums of Beverly Hills 11.12.98 official websiteLSC english
Home Fries 5.12.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
Babe: Pig in the City 30.11.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
A Bugs Life 25.11.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
Enemy of the State21.11.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
The Siege 14.11.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
Lethal Weapon 4 13.11.98 official websiteLSC english
The Waterboy 9.11.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
The Wizard of Oz 7.11.98 official websiteSony Copley Place english
Practical Magic 30.10.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
Unmade Beds 13.10.98 .Kendall Square Cinema english
Ronin 9.10.98 official website Sony Cheri, Boston english
Primary Colors 19.9.98 official websiteLSC english
The Avengers 29.8.98 official websiteSony Copley Place english
Armageddon 14.8.98 official websiteSony Copley Place english
There's something about Mary 29.7.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
The Mask of Zorro 25.7.98 official website Sony Cheri, Boston english
Sliding Doors 22.7.98 .Kendall Square Cinema english
The X Files 21.6.98 official website Sony Cheri, Boston english
The Truman Show 28.5.98 official websiteKendall Square Cinema english
Godzilla 19.5.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
Deep Impact 8.5.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
spike & mike's '98 Festival of Animation: Stiffy, Touched Alive, Mons the Cat, Chessmaster Theatre, Trainspotter, Stressed, The Great Migration, Barflies, Devil Went Down To Gerogia, The Tenor, Hilary, Political Correction, Canhead, A Close Shave (Wallace and Gromit), Geri's Game 2.5.98 official websiteCoolidge Corner Theatre english
Species 2 22.4.98 official websiteSony-Loews Assembly Square english
As Good As It Gets 19.4.98 official websiteLSC english
Lost In Space 3.4.98 official website Sony Cheri, Boston english
Everest 26.3.98 official website Museum of Science, Boston english
The Rainmaker 28.2.98 official websiteLSC english
Dark City 18.2.98 official websiteLSC, free sneak previewenglish
Titanic 13.2.98 personal comments, official website Sony Cheri, Boston english
Stalker 3.2.98 official website (more about Tarkovsky) Brattle Theater, Cambridge russian, english subtitles
Sneakers 30.1.98 .LSC english
Minbo 29.1.98 .LSC, MIT Japan program japanese, english subtitles
Good Will Hunting 27.1.98 .Kendall Square Cinema english
Strange Days 24.1.98 .LSC Sci-Fi Marathon english
Star Trek 5 24.1.98 .LSC Sci-Fi Marathon english
Zardoz 24.1.98 official website LSC Sci-Fi Marathon english
Star Trek: TOS (TV episode) 24.1.98 official website LSC Sci-Fi Marathon english
Earth Girls Are Easy 24.1.98 official website LSC Sci-Fi Marathon english
Tron 24.1.98 official website LSC Sci-Fi Marathon english
Kundun 17.1.98 official website Kendall Square Cinema english
La Femme Nikita 10.1.98 official website LSC english
Queer Punk 8.1.98 A collection of short indie movies, incl. The Yo-Yo Gang, Ritual Nation, Portland, Green Pubes, and Queer CoreFilm and Media studies at MIT english
The Full Monty 7.1.98 official website Kendall Square Cinema english
Alien Resurrection 16.12.97 official website . english
Amistad 12.12.97 official website . english
Event Horizon 11.12.97 official website LSC english
Contact 8.11.97 official website LSC english
Starship Troopers 7.11.97 . Sony Fresh Pond, Alewife english
A Clockwork Orange 3.11.97 . LSC english
Lost World (Jurassic Parc 2) 26.10.97 . LSC english
Gattaca 22.10.97 . LSC, free sneak preview english
Men in black 5.10.97 . LSC english
Fire 3.10.97 . Coolidge Corner Theatre english
The 5th Element 2.9.97 . LSC english
Bandits 13.8.97 . . german
Batman und Robin 7.7.97 . . german
Liar Liar 30.6.97 . . german
Con Air 23.6.97 . . english, german subtitles
Dante's Peak 4.5.97 . . german
Star Wars, Special Edition 5.4.97 . . english, german subtitles
The people vs. Larry Flint 30.3.97 . . english, german subtitles
Mars Attacks 18.3.97 . . german
Knocking on Heavens Door (Til Schweiger) 10.3.97 . . german
Star Trek First Contact 19.1.97 . . german
Der verrückte Professor (Eddy Murphy) 16.11.96 . . german
Independence Day 28.10.96 . . german
Eraser (Arnold Schwarzenegger) 26.8.96 . . german
The Rock 24.7.96 . . german
Mel Brooks Dracula 3.5.96 . . german
Wallace and Gromit: A short shave 30.4.96 . . english, german subtitles
Copycat 19.4.96 . . german
Kids 25.3.96 . Kino Clou. Aarau english, german subtitles
Tank Girl 22.3.96 . Kino Canva Club Solothurn english, german subtitles
Erotique 22.3.96 . Kino Canva Club Solothurn english, german subtitles
Männerpension 18.3.96 . . german
Broken Arrow 6.3.96 . New York City, U.S.A. english
Il Postino 1.3.96 . . english, german subtitles
Smoke 13.1.96 . . german
Seven 8.1.96 . . .
Goldeneye (James Bond, Pierce Brosnan) 28.12.95 . . .
Johnny Mnemonic 27.11.95 . . .
Species 20.11.95 . . german
Braveheart 6.11.95 . . german
Das Netz (Sandra Bullock) 27.10.95 . . german
Judge Dredd (Stallone) 4.9.95 . . german
Crimson Tide 10.8.95 . .
Batman forever (3) 7.8.95 . . german
Die Hard 3 - with a vengeance 15.7.95 . . english, german subtitles
Quizshow 4.4.95 . . .
Stargate 11.3.95 . . .
Prêt-à-Porter 6.3.95 . . .
Star Trek VII: Treffen der Generationen 5.3.95 . . german
Muriel's Wedding 3.2.95 . Kino Schloss, Aarau english, german subtitles
Léon 22.1.95 . .
Pulp Fiction 7.12.94 . Kino Frosch, Zürich english, german subtitles
The Specialist (Silvester Stallone, Sharon Stone) 21.11.94 . . english, german subtitles
Speed 27.10.94 . . .
Forrest Gump 19.10.94 . . .
True Lies 3.10.94 . . .
Wolf 17.9.94 . . .
The Flintstones 22.7.94 . . .
The Paper 19.7.94 . . english, german subtitles
Four Weddings and a Funeral 18.7.94 . . english, german subtitles
The Hudsucker Proxy 7.7.94 . . english, german subtitles
In the Name of the Father 25.5.94 . . english, german subtitles
The Getaway 24.5.94 . . english, german subtitles
Naked Gun 33 1/3 21.5.94 . . english, german subtitles
Philadelphia 18.4.94 . . .
Forever Young 10.4.94 . . english, german subtitles
The Snapper 3.4.94 . . english, german subtitles
Short Cuts 28.3.94 . . english, german subtitles
Cool Runnings 4.3.94 . . english, german subtitles
Mrs. Doubtfire 12.2.94 . . .
The Wedding Banquet 7.2.94 . . english, german subtitles
Tina - What's Love got to do with it 25.11.93 . . .
The Fugitive (Harrison Ford) 7.10.93 . . .
Jurassic Parc 18.9.93 . . .
Dave 27.8.93 . . .
Fortress 26.8.93 . . .
Made in America 5.8.93 . . .
Indecent Proposal 6.7.93 . . .
Scent of a Woman 12.3.93 . . .
Sneakers 24.2.93 . . .
Mo' Money 16.1.93 . . .
Sister Act 27.12.92 . . .
The Committements 27.12.92 . . english, french subtitles
Bodyguard 20.12.92 . . .
Der Rasenmäher-Man 21.11.92 . . german
Universal Soldier 4.11.92 . . .
1492 - Columbus (Gérard Dépardieu) 22.10.92 . . .
Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood) 8.10.92 . . .
Alien 3 18.9.92 . . .
Brennpunkt L.A. (Lethal Weapon 3) 10.9.92 . . german
Wayne's World 29.7.92 . . .
Delicatessen 11.6.92 . . .
Basic Instinct 23.5.92 . . .
Naked Lunch 19.5.92 . . .
Hook 24.4.92 . . .
JFK 21.3.92 . . .
Night on Earth 21.2.92 . . .
Die Addams-Familie 4.2.92 . . .
Thelma & Luise 29.12.91 . . .
Hot Shots 26.12.91 . . .
The Fisher King 23.12.91 . . english, german subtitles
Barton Fink 19.11.91 . . .
Switch 1.11.91 . . .
Terminator II 29.10.91 . . .
Robin Hood 4.10.91 . . .
Jungle Fever 23.8.91 . . .
Naked Gun 21/2 13.8.91 . . .
A Kiss before Dying 9.8.91 . . english, german subtitles
Hudson Hawk 31.7.91 . . .
Hidden Agenda 14.7.91 . . .
The Russia House 18.6.91 . . .
Awakenings 11.6.91 . . .
Dances with Wolfes 21.5.91 . . .
The Silence of the Lambs 7.5.91 . . .
Cyrano de Bergerac 30.3.91 . . .
Highlander II 16.2.91 . . .
Werner 2.2.91 . . german
Kevin allein zu Hause 23.12.90 . . .
Ghost 23.11.90 . . .
Atame! 9.10.90 . . .
Gremlins II 28.8.90 . . .
Pretty Woman 15.8.90 . . .
Back to the Future III 14.7.90 . . .
Sex and Lies and Videotape 18.6.90 . . .
Wilde Orchideen 17.4.90 . . .
The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover 3.4.90 . . .
Der Rosen-Krieg 31.3.90 . . .
Mystery Train 13.3.90 . . .
Ein kurzer Film über das Töten 6.3.90 . . .
Leo Sonnyboy 13.1.90 . . .
Back to the Future II 4.1.90 . . .
Batman 28.10.89 . . .
Indiana Jones und der letzte Kreuzzug 25.10.89 . . .
Karate Kid III 18.10.89 . Singapore japanese, chinese subtitles (!!)
The Robo Truck Kid 30.9.89 . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia english
James Bond: Lizenz zum Töten 20.8.89 . . .
Otto II 15.7.89 . . .
Die Ritter der Kokosnuss (Monty Python) 10.7.89 . . .
Il piccolo diavolo 17.6.89 . . .
Dangerous Liaisons 16.6.89 . . .
Das Bankentrio 1.5.89 . . .
Rain Man 26.4.89 . . .
The naked gun 12.3.89 . . .
A fish called Wanda 21.1.89 . . .
Presidio 14.11.88 . . .
Falsches Spiel mit Roger Rabbit 5.11.88 . . .
Ein Schweizer namens Nötzli 4.11.88 . . .
Midnight Run 21.10.88 . . .
Coming to America 28.9.88 . . .
Die Venusfalle 20.9.88 . . .
Frantic 5.9.88 . . .
Running Man 25.8.88 . . .
Eat the Rich 6.8.88 . . .
Rambo III 27.7.88 . . .
I never promised you a Rose Garden 16.7.88 . . .
Nuts 3.6.88 . . .
Ödipussy 6.4.88 . . .
Cry Freedom 4.4.88 . . .
Man spricht deutsh 19.3.88 . . .
Die Katze 28.2.88 . . .
Der Experte (Didi Hallervorden) 20.2.88 . . german
Robocop 23.1.88 . . .
Barfly 11.1.88 . . .
Inner Space 10.1.88 . . .
Spaceballs 19.12.87 . . .
Der letzte Kaiser 5.12.87 . . german
Full Metal Jacket 30.10.87 . . .
Die Unbestechlichen 26.10.87 . . german
Dirty Dancing 12.10.87 . . .
Angel Heart 6.10.87 . . .
Beverly Hills Cop II 26.9.87 . . .
Soulman 8.9.87 . . .
Zwei stahlharte Profis 5.9.87 . . german
Der Hauch des Todes 16.8.87 . . german
Otto, der neue Film 23.7.87 . . .
Der Profi 2 21.6.87 . . .
Over the Top 17.5.87 . . .
Children of a lesser God 27.4.87 . . english, german subtitles
The Color of Money 25.4.87 . . english, german subtitles
The Golden Child 12.4.87 . . english, german subtitles
Down by Law 14.3.87 . . english, german subtitles
Das Labyrinth 8.3.87 . . german
Die Fliege 14.2.87 . . german
Crocodile Dundee 29.12.86 . . german
Der Name der Rose 21.12.86 . . german
Aliens II: Die Rückkehr 23.11.86 . . german
Nummer 5 lebt 21.11.86 . . german
Poltergeist II 4.11.86 . . german
Legal Eagles 21.10.86 . . english, german subtitles
Cobra 20.10.86 . . .
Highlander 14.9.86 . . .
Harem 2.9.86 . . .
Lisa 26.7.86 . . .
91/2 Wochen 7.7.86 . . german
Remo 29.5.86 . . .
Out of Africa 11.5.86 . . .
Auf der Jagd nach dem Juwel vom Nil 4.5.86 . . german
Männer 4.4.86 . . german
Rocky IV 21.3.86 . . .
Hammer 16.3.86 . . .
Miami Cops 23.2.86 . . .
Phantom Kommando 1.2.86 . . .
Enemy Mine 11.1.86 . . .
Teen Wolf 27.12.85 . . .
Back to the Future 8.11.85 . . .
Mad Max III 1.10.85 . . .
Der Grösste bin ich (Adriano Celentano) 25.9.85 . . german
Rambo II: Der Auftrag 23.9.85 . . german
Police Academy II 17.9.85 . . .
Harald und Maude 2.9.85 . . german
A View to a Kill 26.8.85 . . .
Witness 19.8.85 . . .
Otto - Der Film 4.8.85 . . german
Metropolis 14.6.85 . . .
Die Zeit der Wölfe 12.5.85 . . german
Beverly Hills Cop 14.4.85 . . .
Missing in Action (Chuck Norris) 6.4.85 . . .
Dune - Der Wüstenplanet 2.4.85 . . german
Terminator 21.3.85 . . .
Didi und die Rache der Enterbten 8.3.85 . . german
Das Philadelphia Experiment 24.2.85 . . german
1984 12.2.85 . . .
Ghostbusters 3.2.85 . . .
L'histoire d'O. (II) 23.1.85 . . german
My Name is Nobody 22.1.85 . . .
Fenster zum Hof (Rear Window; Hitchcock 1954) 8.1.85 . . german
Gremlins 16.12.84 . . .
Top Secret 2.12.84 . . .
Amadeus 27.11.84 . . .
Das Leben des Brian (Monty Python) 18.11.84 . . german
Fröhliche Ostern (Jean-Paul Belmondo) 16.11.84 . . german
Paris, Texas 4.11.84 . . .
Es war einmal in Amerika 29.10.84 . . german
Police Academy 16.10.84 . . .
Splash 29.9.84 . . .
Beat Street 22.9.84 . . .
Gwendoline 4.9.84 . . german
Indiana Jones und der Tempel des Todes 13.8.84 . . german
Asterix der Gallier 11.8.84 . . german
Dr. Detroit 7.7.84 . . .
Die Möwe Jonathan 6.7.84 . . german
Herr der Fliegen 2.7.84 . . german
Keiner haut wie Don Camillo (Terence Hill) 10.6.84 . . german
Break Dance Sensation '84 21.4.84 . . .
No Nukes 14.4.84 . . .
Unendliche Geschichte 9.4.84 Note: On June 23, 2000, I met Tami Stronach, the Childlike Empress!! Cool! She was part of a dance performance at the MIT Media Lab, Bartos Theatre. She shot the movie 16 years ago. . german
Time Rider 31.3.84 . . .
The Twilight Zone 28.2.84 . . .
Krull 26.2.84 . . german
James Bond 007: Sag niemals nie 13.2.84 . . german
The Day After 12.2.84 . . english, german subtitles
Star Wars III: die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter 20.12.83 . . german
War Games 2.12.83 . . german
Die schwarze Spinne 26.11.83 . . german
Solaris 21.11.83 . . .
Der Aussenseiter (Jean-Paul Belmondo) 17.11.83 . . german
Der Sinn des Lebens (Monty Python) 31.10.83 . . german
Flashdance 17.10.83 . . german
Zwei glorreiche Halunken (The good, the bad, and the ugly) 14.10.83 . . german
Carmen 9.10.83 . . .
Midnight Express 27.8.83 . . .
Auf dem Highway ist die Hölle los 14.8.83 . . german
James Bond 007: Octopussy 8.8.83 . . german
James Bond 007: Der Mann mit dem goldenen Colt 22.7.83 . . german
Montana Sacra 22.7.83 . . english
The Best of the New York Erotic Film Festival 17.7.83 . . english
Catch your dreams 16.7.83 . . english
Gandhi 30.6.83 . . german
Das fliegende Auge (Blue Thunder) 18.6.83 . . german
Der dunkle Kristall 3.6.83 . . german
Tootsie 27.5.83 . . german
James Bond 007: Leben und sterben lassen 21.5.83 . . german
Tron 30.4.83 . . .
Die verrücktesten 90 Minuten vor Christi Geburt 29.4.83 . . german
Bingo Bongo (Adriano Celentano) 31.3.83 . . german
The Wall (Pink Floyd) 4.3.83 . . .
Hair 26.2.83 . . .
Das ganze Leben 24.2.83 . . german
James Bond 007: Man lebt nur zweimal (You only live twice) 19.2.83 . . german
E.T. 8.1.83 . . german
Unmheimliche Begegnung der 3. Art (neue Version) 5.1.83 . . german
Poltergeist 1.1.83 . . german
Mrs. Brisbey und das Geheimnis von Nimh 18.12.82 . . german
A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (Woody Allen) 20.11.82 . . .
Urgh! A music war 29.10.82 . . english
Firefox 28.10.82 . . german
Einer flog über das Kuckucksnest 22.10.82 . . german
Conan, der Barbar (Arnold Schwarzenegger) 18.10.82 . . german
Star Wars 8.10.82 . . german
Römische Nächte (Innamorato pazzo, Adriano Celentano) 25.9.82 . . german
Missing 12.9.82 . . .
Das Kommando 28.8.82 . . german
Ist das nicht mein Leben? 14.8.82 . . german
Der Pechvogel 28.5.82 . . german
Klassengeflüster 27.4.82 . . german
Der Höllentrip (Altered States) 19.4.82 . . german
Time Bandits 15.4.82 . . german
Todesjagd am Yukon 7.4.82 . . german
Easy Rider 27.3.82 . . german
Satisfaction (High Risk) 12.2.82 . . german
Der Profi (Le professionnel, Jean-Paul Belmondo) 22.1.82 . . german
Kassettenliebe (Emil Steinberger) 1.1.82 . . german
Jäger des verlorenen Schatzes (Raiders of the lost arc) 18.12.81 . . german
James Bond: Goldfinger 6.11.81 . . german
Jesus Christ Superstar 30.10.81 . . german
Die Wildgänse kommen 5.10.81 . . german
Das Ding (The Sting) 18.9.81 . . german
The great Rock'n'Roll Swendle 12.9.81 . . english
Kampf der Titanen 1.9.81 . . german
James Bond 007: in tödlicher Mission (For your eyes only) 8.8.81 . . german
Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo 10.6.81 . . german
Asterix und Kleopatra 28.3.81 . . german
The Blues Brothers 2.3.81 . . german
Der letzte Countdown 14.2.81 . . german
Das Imperium schlägt zurück (Star Wars II) 26.1.81 . . german
Asterix erobert Rom 20.1.81 . . german
Papillon 11.1.81 . . german
Der Dicke in Mexiko (Bud Spencer) 13.10.80 . . german
Ben Hur 16.8.80 . . german
Der Schläfer (Woody Allen) 20.7.80 . . german
Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod 10.5.80 . . german
Vom Winde verweht (Gone with the wind) 7.4.80 . . german
Star Trek 30.3.80 . . german
Les petites fugues 30.12.79 . . french, german subtitles
Ein toller Käfer 23.12.79 . . german
Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn (Jerry Lewis) 28.10.79 . . german
Der Grosse mit seinem ausserirdischen Kleinen 30.9.79 . . german
Sindbad und das Auge des Tigers 19.8.79 . . german
Der Dieb von Bagdadt 12.7.79 . . german
Louis (de Funès') unheimliche Begegnung mit den Ausserirdischen 11.6.79 . . german
Superman 18.3.79 . . german
Zwei sind nicht zu bremsen (Bud Spencer und Terence Hill) 31.1.79 . . german
Abenteuer Atlantis 21.1.79 . . german
Die Katze aus dem Weltraum ?.12.78 . . german
Bernhard und Bianca (die Mäusepolizei) 6.8.78 . . german
Der tolle Käfer in der Rally Monte Carlo 12.2.78 . . german
Heidi 9.10.77 . . german
Die haarsträubende Reise in einem verrückten Bus (Big Bus) 7.4.77 . . german
Mary Poppins 3.4.77 . . german
Hofmanns Erzählungen (Oper) 27.2.77 . . german
Der Super-Käfer (VW) ?? . . german
Peter Pan ?? . . german
Das gelbe U-Boot (Yellow Submarine, The Beatles) ?? . . english, german subtitles

Hmm. This might be interesting right here: I was born 1965. So I must have been around 10 or 11 when I saw the first movie in a theatre. And our family did not have a TV until I was much much older.

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