Stefan Marti's Qualifying Exams

Here are all the documents concerning my qualifying exams at the MIT Media Lab, 2001-2002.


Accepted June 12, 2001. 
Cover Letter to DCGS PDF (12KB, 1 page)
Introduction Proposal summary PDF (13KB, 1 page)
Main area User Interface Design for Small Mobile Communication Devices PDF long (44KB, 4 pages) 
PDF short (35KB, 4 pages)
Contextual support area Human Interaction with Autonomous Entities PDF long (97KB, 9 pages) 
PDF short (43KB, 5 pages)
Technical support area Commonsense Reasoning and Intelligent User Interfaces PDF long (70KB, 7 pages) 
PDF short (31KB, 4 pages)


Main area readings. 

Contextual area readings: my summaries and comments (PDF, 78 pages, 499KB)

Technical area readings.

Written exam

All passed by February 15th, 2002.
Main area publishable quality paper: topic and paper finished January 29, 2002.

Contextual area 24-hour exam questions and answers of exam on August 31, 2001.

Technical area 24-hour exam questions and answers of exam on February 14, 2002.

Oral exam

Passed on February 5th, 2002, 13:00 - 16:00.
My presentation (PPT) for the exam (based on the main area paper)

Main area expert: Chris Schmandt
Contextual area expert: Brad Rhodes (short curriculum vitae)
Technical area expert: Henry Lieberman
DCGS representative: Brian Smith

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