The Gist Paparazzi Television Mobot. Short one-slide overview.
Newer Paper How to Talk to a Papa-TV-Bot: Interfaces for Autonomously Levitating Robots. Longer paper (24 pages, Prosem style), containing new ideas.
Older Paper Evolving autonomously hovering mobots. Shorter paper (8 pages), still very valid.
The Vision The Papa-TV-Bot. General audience scenario.
The Path The eight Phases: from dumb to ultra-intelligent. Overview over long term development.
The Details Detailed description of the eight phases. Specifications, current state, approach.
The Beginning An example Master's thesis proposal. It never became my Master's thesis.
The Resources My FFMP bookmarks collection. Uncommented. I am working on an update.
The Animations How they would fly. This site exists in two versions:
(1) Embedded animations.
(2) Downloadable animations.
3D animations, made for a class project. Site (1) contains huge embedded AVI files. Some browsers don't like that. If yours crashes, just use the site (2). Same content on (1) and (2).
The Graphics
Design Studies.
Several examples of how a early FFMPs could look like.
The Prototype
Zero G Eye.
A first prototype, a class project. Autonomous, but not flying—I will explain why.
Alternative Design
The Ringwings.
This is a completely different approach—highly speculative.
The Background (coming)
I will add a section about how this all started, with my cool sketches from 23 years ago...
More Recent Designs (coming)
I have learned a lot from the last prototype, and I have some brand new ideas!

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