Ultrashort resume of
Dr. Stefan Johannes Walter Marti*

  • Ph.D. Media Arts and Sciences, M.I.T., Cambridge, U.S.A. (2005)
  • M.S. Media Arts and Sciences, M.I.T., Cambridge, U.S.A. (1999)
  • M.S. Psychology, Philosophy and Computer Science,
    University of Bern, Switzerland (1993)
  • Principal researcher at Samsung R&D Center, San Jose, CA
  • Research assistant at the Media Lab, Boston, Speech Interface Group
  • Research intern at the IBM Tokyo Research Lab, Japan
  • Video editor at the National Swiss TV, Zürich
  • Live sound engineer in Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, England, Austria, and Italy
  • AT&T fellow
  • Motorola fellow
  • IBM Leonardo Da Vinci contest
Affiliations On advisory board of Swiss House, Cambridge (Swiss scientific consulate) (2000-2002)
Research objective I have read somewhere that the Great Works today concentrate on either creating the ultimate communication infrastructure, or artificial intelligence or life. I seem to be a good example for this: I am active in both areas. I am interested in Autonomous Interactive Intermediaries (A.I.I.), which are mobile communication agents (both robotic and software) that have human-style social intelligence. I am currently interested in the following aspects specifically:
  • Fluent: German, English, French
  • Native: Swiss German
  • Understand: Italian, Spanish, and Latin; very little Japanese
Books, patents,
nobel prizes
Nothing yet on books or Nobel prize, but 10 patents pending as of now! :-)
Personal I eat neither meat nor fish, nor do I drink alcohol—but I drink meat and eat alcohol! I can explain that if you want me to...
*This is not a professional resume. The real one is linked from here

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