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MP3 files of bands I have played in. I have also scanned the album and cassette covers, and some pics. Click on the thumbnails! These files are just the beginning, I will add more gradually.

If you don't wanna know about the details, but just listen to the music, here are some song lists (M3U format):


Heavy Metal, 1992 - 1997

Old fashioned power rock. But God, I LOVED it—and I still do, I really do!! I was founding member (like with all the bands below), the drummer (I played other instruments in earlier bands), and helped arranging all songs. I plan on adding a lot of stuff here, like recordings of concerts (hopefully also video), the great songs that never made it to CD, the concept behind the band (very important), and all the artwork we had.
Here's a band pic with me, from around 1997

Left to right: Walter "Wale" Bochsler (vocals), Urs Friedli (guitars), Karin Blaser (bass), Thomas Müller (guitars), Stefan Marti (drums). Earlier members: Bernie Wyss (vocals), André Schertenleib (bass), Alexander "Fäxu" Fallegger (bass). Later members: Roger Gasser (drums), Riccardo Calà (bass), François Schmutz (keys), Patrick Kahl (keys), David Benz (drums).

After I left for the States, they continued as Dark Sign. Check them out, they are good! Here is a short segment of the song Real World (demo of 2002).

   Songs of 1995
Recorded and mixed by myself in a small studio near Lucerne (Stefan Jenny's Sustain Record Studio in Meierskappel).

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   Songs of 1997
Sampler recorded at Headline Music.

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Rolo Polo Cover Band

Mainstream Rock, 1992 - 1996

This band played exclusively cover versions of Polo Hofer, a famous Swiss German rock legend, which made for great parties! I was playing the bass.


Members: Roland "Rolo Polo" Suter (vocals), Reto Häfliger (drums), Stefan Marti (bass), Peter "Tambi" Salzmann (saxes and backing vocals), Claudia Salzmann (acoustic guitars and backing vocals), Christian Schulte (electric guitars), Stephan Meister (keyboards). Former members: Markus Hauser † (keyboards)


Indie Pop, 1988 - 1992

Really nice indie pop, I still think it is very cute and original. We had two singers, one of them Fränzi Grütter, very catchy voice. I was on the drums.

These recordings were made in the 16-track studio I worked that time (Noiseannoys, Olten, founded by genius enterpreneur and musician Markus Spielmann). Beside him, I was the main engineer, and I got very good at optimizing low cost productions like my own band was. So I recorded and mixed the whole thing, and I think it came out very good, I am pretty proud of the production!

We had some gigs, and a guest appearence on a Swiss TV show, I'll put the video only sometime!



Members: Dominik "Nigge" Kohler (vocals, saxes, keys), Fränzi Grütter (vocals and guitars), Thomas Müller (guitars and backing vocals), Harald Bohne (bass and backing vocals), Stefan Marti (drums and backing vocals).

   Demo tape of 1991

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More Songs of 1991
These are not on the demo, because they were darker and heavier than the rest. TV Live Show "VorOrt" April 24, 1992 (3 songs)
The songs we play are: Echo Beach, C'est Ça l'Amour, Summerfun.

My solo stuff

Instrumental Synthesizer Pop, 1985 - 1990

These are short songs and song fragments that I wrote all by myself, then recorded them at home or in Markus' Noiseannoys Studio. They are all in demo stage, so no vocals, not yet arranged as pop songs (some parts are missing), and most of them rather raw and unprecise. But you get the picture!

Studio experiments, 1989-1990

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New Trivial Classics, March/April 1990
The closest I ever came to classic music composition! These two "compositions" come with many variations, mainly in the orchestration, which is rich and changing fast, almost "morphing". Note that all instuments are samples, although I am a good enough flutist and sax player that I could actually play these tunes in real!

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Recordings of 1985 - 1986
These cute instrumental pop fragments are made with one analog sythesizer only, a Roland Juno-60 (courtesy of Nigge Kohler). These songs were recorded in ping-pong style, back and forth between a cassette deck and a quarter inch open reel Revox. During each pass, I manually added another track, without programming. Some of the songs use drum tracks I recorded for Team Time. The melodies and harmonies are very unique, I think, because I developed them on a real pianoforte, trying to create the simplest possible pop song.

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  • One 1:59
  • Two 1:46 nice melodic cowbell
  • Three 2:18 lovely Happy Pop, cute end!
  • Four 1:27 Melo Pop, Kraftwerk drums (analog synth), played manually, no sequencying/quantizing
  • Five 2:10 Arpeggio Pop, floating!
  • Six 1:42 Kim Wilde inspired pop
  • Seven 1:35 Analog Synth Heavy Metal Pop, all synths distorted with the mixing console preamp; illustrates my early preferences for heavy guitars

The Woodys

Surf Music, 1986 - 1988

I have tons of cool pics, but I gotta find some decent recordings of this band! Me playing drums again.

Left to right (lower pic): Stefan Marti (drums), Thomas Müller (guitars), Harald Bohne (bass), Jürg Thölke (vocals). Earlier members (not on pic): Walter (guitars, sax), Fränzi Grütter (vocals, guitars).

Team Time

Synthesizer Pop, 1983 - 1987

Over the years, Team Time had four project sessions. It was not a band that met reguliarly, but a project. For one or two weeks, we rented lots of music and recording equipment, then set it up in a place called "Team 69" (a recreational facility for adolescents in Trimbach, where I grew up), and then rehearsed and recorded all day and night. We had such a blast!

I was the driving force behind these projects, producing them, and of course programming and playing keyboards of all kinds. Occasionally, I was also singing and even rapping, it was hilarious!

We didn't have multitracking, so we played all the instruments live, or we recorded the basic tracks on one tape deck, then played it back and added more instruments and recorded it on a second tape deck, and so forth, copying the stereo tracks back and forth. We also didn't use sequencers (except for some drum machines), so most of the songs had some kind of "human feel" (that's the positive aspect of it), or were just unprecise.

However, that didn't really matter, because these recordings were meant to be demos, and the most important thing was to be able to record our own stuff and have fun with it, and that's exactly what we did!


Members: Dominik "Nigge" Kohler (vocals and keys), Reto Häfliger (electronic drums and keys), David Jäggi (vocals and keys), Thomas Müller (keys, guitars), Stefan Marti (keys and vocals). Guest musicians: Hagar Jäggi (vocals), Bruno Müller (vocals), Christoph Arn (guitars, keys).

   October 3-22, 1983

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   October 6-27, 1984

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   March 8-21, 1986

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   (Live) December 24-31, 1987
  • Nova's Reel (cover; the original is truly magical!)
  • All I Want
  • No Woman like You
  • You, Me, And Everybody


Hardcore Punk, 1982 - 1984

We were famous in Switzerland at that time: we played a very novel kind of ultra fast and ultra hard punk rock, influenced by extreme Finnish bands. I was on the drums, actually, I learned playing drums in this band! I already got a lot of pics of Miscast on my web site, here and here, and more will follow!

All our recordings were made in the rehearsing room, live stereo, just two mics, so don't be surprised about the recording quality... But then again, lo-fi didn't matter to us, we were a live band, and the recordings were just for our fans: the trashier the better!

Left to right (upper pic): Lothar Müller (vocals), Stefan Marti (drums) Thomas Müller (guitars), Dietmar "Didi" Gallhammer (bass, not on these pics).

Check out this external page with our band history!

   Demo tape of 1984

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     7" Vinyl Single of 1990
Several years after Miscast broke up, Frank Scheier † of Far Out Records released six songs of the original Stechapfel demo tape. The single is to be played with 33rpm!

  • Kranks
  • Die Norm
  • John Wayne
  • Say No
  • Z'Fride
  • Swiss'N'Pigs
  • Mädchen

   Rehearsing Room Tape of 1982
This is how it all started! Thomas Müller was singing and playing trashy guitars, on the bass was probably Ronar Härtsch, a classmate from high school, and I was drumming (sort of...). The following two songs are just cover versions. If I remember correclty, shortly after these recordings, we started to write our own music.


Jazz Rock, 1979 - 1982 (approx.)

My first band. I was playing the tenor sax, being part of a cool horn section. Although we "intended" to play jazz rock, we were very open to any kind of music and played some weird stuff—I hope I'll find some recordings of our famous song "Indabish" (a weird indian-arabic mix, in German 'Indisch' and 'Arabisch', therefore 'Indabisch'), composed by our musical genius Markus Demarmels. The guys were all from Trimbach, my home village, and most of them I met in the Jungwacht, a boy scout like organization I was member of during elementary school.

Members: Markus Demarmels (cornett), David Jäggi (trumpet), Stefan Marti (tenor sax and flute), Gabriel Loretz (clarinett and alto sax), Bruno Müller (organ), Thomas Müller (bass), Tobias Schmid (bass, sometimes...), Reto Häfliger (drums), Christian Schulte (guitars).

   Rehearsing Room Tape of 1982
Thomi found this very old MC with recordings from our rehearsing room. I am only guessing that this is from 1982—it could be even from the 70s! The quality is very low, but you will get the picture. I intentionally left some of our talking on the recordings. Cut me some slack, I was just 16 at that time! And try to ignore our super cheap analog reverbation unit...

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  • Clavinet Song 5:05 (I actually don't know if this song had a title. This is the music style we were intending to play: instrumental Jazz Rock Funk, with many solos.)
  • Mühsam (Tedious) 3:31 (The song title doesn't mean anything, except that we had troubles recording it: is was just tedious...)
  • Walking Down The Street 5:27 (This one's unique: in general, Phlox was an instrumental band, but in this song, we sing! (sorta...) I am also not sure if this is our own composition or not. The other songs are ours, for sure.)

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