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Music and lyrics   © by Team Time, 1983 (lyrics probably by Markus Demarmels)
Rappers   David Jäggi, Stefan Marti
Synthetic voice (vocoder)   Reto Häfliger
Guitars   Thomas Müller
Bass synth   Stefan Marti
Scratching   Actually, "stuffing", by David Jäggi, I believe. The sound was created by rubbing the head of a vocal microphone rhythmically on a rough winter jacket...
Rest of crew   I don't remember the details
Note   This song is hand-played: no programming or quantification took place, except the drum machine. It is a very early Swiss German rap, which explains the rather cheesy lyrics... Note that they actually rhyme in Swiss German!

Swiss German English
[David] D'Arbeit isch fertig, i chome hei
hocke i'n Sässel, strecke mini Bei,
drinke'nes Bier, loh dr Färnseh a,
d'Tageschou chont, es säit e Maa:
[David] I am done with work, coming home,
sitting down in a seat, stretching my legs,
and having a beer. I turn on the TV,
and a newscaster says:
[Stefan] "S'Wätter morn, das findt nid statt,
der Petrus isch leider Schach und Matt!
Dr nöchschti Biitrag isch worklich zwäg,
e Bricht über dr nöischti Disco Gäg.
Die nöischti Erfindig uf dem Gebiet
isch e Danz-Roboter, jojo, dä zieht!
Es blächigs Ding, zwei Meter gross,
und strahlt di aa, es isch famos.
Dank dene Strahle, isch er ou so naiv,
danzt jetzt jedermaa, und isch attraktiv!"
[Stefan] "There will be no weather tomorrow,
The weather gods are 'check mate' [bankrupt]!
The next story is really great;
it's about a new trend in dance clubs.
The most recent invention
is a dance robot-it's the rage!
It's a metal thing, six feet tall,
and radiates-it's just amazing!
Thanks to this radiation, everyone—even a klutz—
can dance and is attractive!"
Dance, dance, da-da-da-dance...
Dance, dance, da-da-da-dance...
Dance, dance, da-da-da-dance...
Dance, dance, da-da-da-dance...
E schalte ab, das isch mir z'blöd,
go eis go zie mit mim Kolleg.
I dr Beiz, es schiisst mi grad aa,
i mache jo gar kei Froue aa!
I turn off the TV, its just too stoopid,
and decide to go get a drink with a friend.
In the bar—it really sucks!—
I realize that I don't turn on any women!
[Reto] "Hey, du, hesch im Färnseh gsee,
i dr Disco louft jetzt mee!
Jede danzt, benimmt sich banal,
alles nume wägem Roboter-Signal..."
[Reto] "Hey, have you seen on TV,
there's more going on in dance clubs now!
Everybody is dancing and behaving so silly,
all because of a robot signal..."
Jetzt löscht's mer ab, das is würklich doof,
alli si scho gsi, eifach jede Goof!
Mi Fründ seit: "He, du, göi-mer ou,
i dr Disco louft e riese Show!"
Now I am completely pissed off: it's really silly,
every kid has been there already!
My friend says, "Hey, let's have a look,
there is a great show going on in this club!"
Dance, dance, da-da-da-dance...
Dance, dance, da-da-da-dance...
Dance, dance, da-da-da-dance...
Dance, dance, da-da-da-dance...
I finde's zwar pervers, doch i wehre mi nid,
i go jetzt halt eifach mit der Ziit.
I euser Ziit, was füre Kommerz,
machsch Liebi nüm eifach zum Scherz!
I think it is perverted, but I don't object,
I am just going with the flow, I guess.
Nowadays—what a rip-off—
we dont make love just for fun anymore!
Mer hocke i dr Disco und gaffe-n-ume,
und ghöre sofort s'Roboter-Summe.
I däm Moment vergiss-i mis truurige Loos,
und danze-n-ume, hemmigsloos!
Alles schiint ganz eifach z'sii,
mit em Roboter bisch derbii!
In the club, we hang around,
and immediately we hear the robot humming.
At that point, I forget my misery,
and start dancing, unrestrained!
Everything seems to be simple;
with this robot youre part of the crowd!
Scratching/stuffing session!
I merke nid wiä d'Ziit vergooht,
i bi di ganz Ziit voll uf Droht.
Plötzlich chonnt do zue of me,
s'hübschischte Gschöpf woni je ha gseh!
I lächle si aa, sie lächlet zrugg,
und gschaffe isch di zwüschemönschlich Brugg.
Mer gäbe euis d'Hand und göi a d'Bar,
suffe-n-es Coke, und verstöi euis, dasch klaar!
Time is passing quickly,
and I am completely into this thing!
Suddenly, somebody approaches me;
shes the cutest babe I have ever seen!
She smiles at me, I smile back,
and we are hooked up!
We walk over to the bar, holding hands,
get some coca cola and have a hell of a time!
Unterdesse het sich mi Kolleg,
au guet amüsiert, genau so wie-n-ig.
Dä Danz-Roboter isch würklich phänomenal,
het mi hüt zobig erlöst vo minere Qual.
In the meantime, my friend
is having a good time too.
This dance robot is phenomenal;
it has relieved my pain for today.
Der Obig isch ume, i laade sie ii,
zu öppis sehr schönem und e guete Fläsche Wii.
Sie seit sofort zue, und i bi grad high,
go schnäu zum Kolleg und sägem bye-bye.
The evening is coming to an end, and I invite her
to something very nice and a good glass of wine.
She accepts immediately, and I feel so high!
I just walk over to my friend and say bye-bye.
Chuum simmer duss und d'Musig isch wägg,
haut sie mir eis und seit "I'll never come back!!"
I bi fruschtriert doch mir fallt ii,
dass s'Roboter-Summe jo wäg isch gsii!
As soon as we are outside and the music gone,
she whacks me and says, Ill never come back!!
I am frustrated, but suddenly I realize
that the robot humming is gone!
Ach wie isch ou s'Läbe trischt,
wenn wie n'ig eso allei bisch — Mischt!
Jetzt goni halt hei, wie immer alei,
und luege was i mache mit dere Sauerei!
Oh, life can be so sad
if you are alone, like I am—shit!
Well then, I have to go home, alone like always,
and try to cope with this mess!
Daheim i der Wohnig goni go hole,
es Erbstück vo mim Vatter, en alti Pischtole.
Und d'Moral vo dere Gschicht:
"Vertraue der lieben Technik nicht!"
At home, in my apartment, I am digging up
the old gun that I have inherited from my dad.
And the point of this story:
Dont trust technology!
Pängg!!! Kaboom!!!

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