The Iroquois: how it started...

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It's April 1983. That's how I looked right before I transformed!
Thommi, the other guy, has already had his hair cut by Lothar, the singer of our band. Actually, Lothar was the one who did all the cutting.
This was an intermediate stage, where one side of my head was not yet shaved completely. They were making fun of me by leaving funny tufts of hair...
An even later stage, with even less hair on my right side.
The guy on the left is Lothar, our Figaro! The right side of my head is shaved completely, the left side is still to be done. Thommi is done with his hair cutting.
Now my cutting is finished too. Hmm, looks pretty cool, with the nice flowers in the background, doesn't it? But that was not what we had in mind...
A few hours later. Here's a picture after we had bleached our hair. As it is not possible to dye dark hair to get a bright color, we had to get blondes first. This hurt like HELL, because the hydrogen peroxide is extremely aggressive on the freshly shaved scalp!
Here I am applying the green color on Thommi's head. (Lothar must have been doing some homework or so, I don't remember anymore...)
And now we are doing some Latin homework. Remember that all the three of us went to the same class in high school, and at this time we were pretty much preparing our Matura, the quite difficult and extensive final exams of high school. Thommi is already done, but my hair is not yet fixed in the final position.
WE ARE DONE!! And that's how it looks from the viewpoint of our sneakers...
Our first posing!
What happened after this picture was very important, but it is not documented: We went home!! Each of us ALONE, facing the social consequences of our decision. Although I told my parents almost half a year ago that I would do this weird hairdo, they never believed me, and I remember my mother being quite shocked when she saw me the first time. But she was okay after a few seconds. I admire the way my parents handled this unusual and difficult situation. During the next half year, they supported me, and they NEVER said anything negative about this eccentricity of mine! Wow! I hope I'll be as tolerant as they were!
A few days later. It's springtime, and I am looking into a very interesting future...
You might have noticed that my favorite color is BLUE right now... Most of the time, I didn't wear punky clothes anyway.
The actual look of the iroquois changed, depending on how much hairspray was applied. Right after the washing and dyeing, it had a compact surface. But the more spray I applied, the more spiny my hair went.
The form of your skull gets quite important when you have an iroquois. If you have scars on your scalp—which you might never have noticed before!—they suddenly become visible. Your eyes, your eyebrows, as well as your ears are emphasized by this sort of haircut too.
Usually my hair was bright blue. I didn't wash it often, because the color was washed out a little bit by each washing procedure. After a few washing cycles, my hair looked more green than blue, and even later, I became blonde again, like on this picture.
And here's a picture of our band MISCAST. Here are some MP3s! And I'll put more photos on the web with concert shots soon!

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