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The Kid

Well, this must have been my first Xmas! Look at my comfy chair, the cool seat belts, the neat presents, the tangerine candle holder... Ahh, what an interesting world! :-)
Then, at the age of 2, I began to WALK—and I mean WALK! It didn't matter if there was snow, rain, or bitter cold weather. I got the right clothes, no problem!
I was cute, wasn't I? ;-) What else can be said of this pic!
Another one in the bath tub. "How is one supposed to swim seriously when somebody constantly pours water on your back!? Help, I am drowning—NOT!" :-) I loved water, as you can tell!

The Sports Man

This photo was taken during the games of a summer camp of the Jungwacht (a sort of non-paramilitary Boy Scout thingy), and I won this impressive silver medal! I was 11, and I must have been a really dynamic kid!
I am the perfect snowboarder—uhh, sorta... ;-) No, I really suck at snowboarding, but that's exactly the point! I am a very good skier, and the real reason why I started snowboarding was because I was not good at it! Skiing was getting boring, no challenges anymore. But one of these days, I gotta take lessons!
This picture was taken during a ski holiday in Sedrun (Graubünden), end of 1988.
... and of course I am very brave! E.g., as a bungy jumper in La Mure (France), September 6 1992. This is the most beautiful place to, uhmmm, get VERY scared... Nevertheless, we came back to this beautiful place two times, because it is a really interesting experience. I have lost completely my (natural) fear of height! I got some video footage as well, and will put it here sometime.
This was scary too: Canoeing down Les Ardèches (France), summer 1985. I am an extremely unexperienced canoer, but it looks cool, this picture! :-)
Here's another water sport: sailing! This was during a cruise in Greece, Ionian Islands, somewhere near Lefkada, summer 1989. It was incredibly nice! And I didn't even suck at it: I think I am a pretty good sailer, given that I am from a landlocked country.
Here's another picture of this trip. Although I am sailing only rarely, I guess I have a certain affinity for this sport. Actually, I started pretty early with sailing. At the age of 10 and 11, I took classes during my summer holidays, and I earned these fantastic licences! (I didn't mention yet that once I broke the mast of my little sailing boat due to a silly navigational error...)
Recently, I was sailing again on Charles river in Boston, where they have really cute Tech Dingys. Gotta dig up some pics of it, sometime.

The Punk

May I present to you: MISCAST! We were the most famous Swiss Hardcore Punk band of the 80s. Here are some MP3s! All these photos were taken around May 1983. Oh, BTW, I am the guy on the right side...
For almost 8 years, we went to the same high school, at the same level, and in the end also to the same class. We all finished the Matura (high school diploma) at the same time.
I had this hairdo for about half a year. The main problems during this time were: How do I get into a car? How do I sleep? How fast can I ride my bike without spoiling my iroquois?
We were the BAD BAD guys... Of course it was just show! Besides that, I have to say that we were quite intellectual punks. The guy in the middle, Thommi, is a lawyer today, and Lothar, the guy on the right side, is a bank expert.
Sooner or later I'll put some sound on the Web. Posthumous, a Swiss label released a vinyl single in Germany with our demo—the most brutal, fast, relentless, and hectic HC punk music of its time...
By the way, from this picture I extracted my head which you saw on the very first page of my homepage.
This is one of the chaos photos we took. I guess we enjoyed being chaotic, but in a controlled way. All the photos here were taken with a delay timer, so you can imagine how this photo was done. One of us had to look through the view-finder, start the timer and jump on the two of us already laying in the middle of the road. And everybody was glad that no car came by until the click of the camera...
My friends dressed me up for these photo shootings. I usually didn't wear the appropriate punk clothes—the contrast between a very unusal hairdo and normal jeans and sweaters was interesting to me!
Another chaos photo. I like the black and white contrast of the pavement and the black sky. I am the green guy, and Thommi is the red one.
Although it was hard sometime, I enjoyed being different. I learnt a lot about myself and about my so-called friends. It was a sort of "real life psychological self-experiment" to me.
This time was hard for my parents, too. Although they didn't like my hairdo, they were very supportive during this time. Imagine how hard it is for a mother to justify her son's weird outfit!
Here are more pictures about the making of an iroquois!

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