Roboter mit Herz (Robot with Heart)
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Music and lyrics   © by Team Time, 1983 (lyrics probably by Markus Demarmels)
Rappers   David Jäggi, Stefan Marti
Synthetic voice (vocoder)   Reto Häfliger
Guitars   Thomas Müller
Bass synth   Stefan Marti
Rest of crew   I don't remember the details
Note   This song too is hand-played, no sequencers were involved, except the drum machine. It is one of the very early Swiss German rap songs, so the lyrics are not supposed to be taken seriously—and don't try to make sense of them! :-)

Swiss German English
[Stefan] Am früche morge zieh-n-i loos vo Dehei,
ha au mini Sorge, es isch e Sauerei!
[David] S'isch würklich blöd, me cha mache was me wott,
jede Taag der gliichi Alltags-Trott!
I stiige uf mis Töffli, go of mini Tuur,
dänke i mim Hinterchopf: Was machi hüt nur?
I chume denn i'd Stadt und lueg is Fäischter-Glaass,
gsehni doch dört sonen Oschterhaas!
Mues dä wörklich fahre als wär er bsoffe,
s'Auto hätt misch fasch no troffe!
[Stefan] In the early morning, I leave from home,
got lots of trouble on my hands, it sucks!
[David] It's really silly, whatever you do,
every day is the same routine!
I jump on my motorcyle, start my tour,
and keep thinking: what am I going to do today?
I drive around in the city, and see in a car window
an Easter Bunny!?
Does he really have to drive like a drunk,
his car almost hit me!
Hey, säg-i, was isch de daas?
[Reto] "Gsehsches nid, i bi dr Oschterhaas!"
Hey, säg-i, was isch de daas?
"Gsehsches nid, i bi dr Oschterhaas!"
Er het mi ghört,
i bi emphört!
I say: Hey, what's that?
[Reto] "Can't you see, I am an Easter Bunny!"
I say: Hey, what's that?
"Can't you see, I am an Easter Bunny!"
He has heard me,
and I am outraged!
Spacey percussion session!
Chuum hani gruefe, isch er nümme so schnäu,
chunnt vom Auto es Huupi, s'tönt wie Hundegebäu!?
S'Auto fahrt grad näbe dra,
uf em Töffli chani gseh wär i aghuupet ha.
Woni denne ineluege stuuni ned schlächt:
do het doch eine Löffle an, mi dunkts diä sige-n-ächt!
Durch's offnige Fäischter chani d'Umriss gseh,
vo dem vo dinne umehopst und dreiht sich zu mir:
"Sorry wäge fori!" Er häigi mi nid gseh,
wenn me drinne umeflippi chöigi das scho gscheh!
Fitness am Stür, er wössi das genau,
mer chöig süsch nüt für d'Fitness tue, das stimmi leider au!
Aerobic heig ou sini Kniff,
sig ecklig, drum heig er mängisch s'Stürrad nüm im Griff!
Säg mer öppis, Oscherhaas, säg-i jetzt sofort,
wiä söll me süsch verwache ohni lutti Wort?
"Guet, pass uf!" Was macht er jetzt bloss,
scho wott er flippe und lots s'Stürrad los!
As soon as I yell at him, he slows down
and the car sounds its horn, which sounds like dog barking!?
The car pulls up right beside me,
and on my bike I can see who I yelled at.
When I look inside, a big surprise:
the guy has huge ears, and they look real!
Through the now open window I can see the shape
of they guy inside, jumping around and turning towards me:
"Sorry about that!" He says he didn't see me,
because he was partying and jumping around!
To stay fit behind the wheel is difficult,
and what else could you do to stay fit?
Doing Aerobic can be tricky,
it's hard, that's why he occasionally looses control over the car!
Just let me know, Easter Bunny, I respond,
how am I supposed to wake up without loud words?
"Okay, watch me!" What the heck is he doing now??
He starts to freak out and let's the steering wheel go!
"One two three four"
Aerobic im Auto, s'isch eifach e Gfohr!
"Five six seven eight"
Jetzt klatscht er no i d'Händ, mou es gheit!
Wau, das mach ich au!
"One two three four"
Aerobic in the car, it's just too dangerous!
"Five six seven eight"
Now he's clapping his hands, yes, it works!
Wow, I wanna do that too!
S'wär alles guet gange het i nume gseh,
dass wiiter vorne Kurve chöme, doch i has need!
So bini halt, mit em Glück z'überläbe,
mit Auto ane dicke Baum go chläbe.
E bi verwacht, e Höllequal,
offesichtlich im Spital!
D'Wänd vom Zimmer si wiis gsi, wiä Schnee,
am End vom Bett häi tuschlet zwee.
"Komisch, Herr Doktor!" het der eint gmeint,
het irgendöppis wiä Oscherhast gseit.
Woni das ghöre wird i rot,
will näbem Dokter ä Roboter stoht!
Das chani doch nid wüsse ig Anti-Genie,
dass d'Löffle woner aagha het Antenne si gsii!!
Everything would have worked out well,
if only I had seen the curves coming ahead, but I didn't!
So I was lucky to survive
me crashing with my car into a huge tree.
I wake up, with a hell of a headache,
obviously in a hospital.
The walls are snow white,
and at the end of my bed, two guys are talking.
"Strange, doctor!" says one of them,
and mentions something like an Easter Bunny.
When I hear that I flush,
because beside the doctor, there stands a robot!
I am no genius, so how was I supposed to know,
that his big ears were antennas!!

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