One-person brainstorming on:
Representing people

How to represent a lot of people on a relatively small screen?

First, I want to look at how people can be differentiated at all in an on-line community. Then I'll have a look at the graphical possiblities to represent these different groups. And then, I'll make some comments.

People can be different because of their...

How about a relative differentiation? This means: Is the personality similar to mine, are the actions similar to mine, are they physically close to me, do they have the same profession as I have, the same interests? This means, not trying to evaluate them in an absolute way, but just relative to my own person.

Actual graphical representation on the screen

Discrete entities, each representing one person

For each of these entities, hue and saturation can be additional (but somehow limited!) discriminators.

Continuous representations, no single person can be seen

All these representations can be static or dynamic. A good example for a dynamic representation is the Visual Thesaurus by plumb design.

Other things

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