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Communicative Humanoids

A Computational Model of Psychosocial Dialogue Skills

Kristinn R. Thórisson

Submitted to the Program in Media Arts & Sciences,
School of Architecture & Planning on July 19, 1996 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Face-to-face interaction between people is generally effortless and effective. We exchange glances, take turns speaking and make facial and manual gestures to achieve the goals of the dialogue. Endowing computers with such an interaction style marks the beginning of a new era in our relationship with machines — one that relies on communication, social convention and dialogue skills. This thesis presents a computational model of psychosocial dialogue expertise, bridging between perceptual analysis of multimodal events and multimodal action generation, supporting the creation of interfaces that afford full-duplex, real-time face-to-face interaction between a human and autonomous computer characters. The architecture, called Ymir, has been implemented in software, and a prototype humanoid created. The humanoid, named Gandalf, commands a graphical model of the solar system, and can interact with people using speech, manual and facial gesture. Gandalf has been tested in interaction with users and has been shown capable of fluid face-to-face dialogue. The prototype demonstrates several new ideas in the creation of communicative computer agents, including perceptual integration of multimodal events, distributed processing and decision making, layered input analysis and motor control, and the integration of reactive and reflective perception and action. Applications of the work presented in this thesis can be expected in such diverse fields as education, psychological and social research, work environments, and entertainment.

Assistant Professor of Media Arts & Sciences, MIT Program in Media Arts & Sciences
Associate Professor of Media Arts & Sciences, Sony Corporation Career Development Professor of Media Arts & Sciences
Research Scientist, AT&T Labs Research


 Key parts of my thesis that have been published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences
  A Mind Model for Multimodal Communicative Creatures and Humanoids
International Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence, 13(4-5): 449-486

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Thórisson, K. R. (1997)
Turntaking & Dialog
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 Follow-on publications that build on my thesis work

Cognitive Map Architecture: Facilitation of Human-Robot Interaction in Humanoid Robots
IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, March, 16(1):55-66
Ng-Thow-Hing, V., K. R. Thórisson, R. K. Sarvadevabhatla, J. Wormer & T. List (2009)

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Cognitive Architecture

A Distributed Architecture for Real-Time Dialogue and On-Task Learning of Efficient Cooperative Turn-Taking
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Dialogue & Turntaking

Autonomous Acquisition of Natural Language
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Teaching Computers to Conduct Spoken Interviews: Breaking the Realtime Barrier With Learning
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(yes - it matters!)


Integrated A.I. Systems
Invited paper at The Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference: The Next 50 Years — Commemorating the 1956 Founding of AI as a Research Discipline, July 13-15, 2006, Dartmouth, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
Minds & Machines, 17:11-25, 2007

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A Brief History of Function Representation from Gandalf to SAIBA
Proc. of the 1st Function Markup Language Workshop at AAMAS, Portugal, June 12-16, 2008

Vilhjálmsson, H. & K. R. Thórisson (2008)

Towards a Common Framework for Multimodal Generation: The Behavior Markup Language
Proc. of Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA '06), August 21-23
Also published in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Kopp, S., B. Krenn, S. Marsella, A. N. Marshall, C. Pelachaud, H. Pirker, K. R. Thórisson & H. Vilhjálmsson (2006)


Modular Simulation of Knowledge Development in Industry: A Multi-Level Framework
Proc. of WEHIA – 1st International Conference on Economic Sciences with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents, 15-17 June, University of Bologna, Italy
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Applying Constructionist Design Methodology to Agent-Based Simulation Systems
3rd International KES Symposium on Agents and Multi-agent Systems – Technologies and Applications
Thórisson, K. R., R. J. Saemundsson, G. R. Jonsdottir, B. Reynisson, C. Pedica, P. R. Thrainsson and P. Skowronski (2009)





Table of Contents

0. Abstract & Table of Contents [PDF]

1. Introduction [PDF]

2. Face-to-face Interface [PDF]

3. Multimodal Dialogue: Psychological and Interface Research [PDF] [Table 1 (ps)]

4. Agents, Robots and Artificial Intelligence [PDF]

5. Computational Characteristics of Multimodal Dialogue [PDF]

6. J.Jr.: A Study in Reactivity [PDF]

QuickTime of J.Jr.gz 4.5MB

7. Ymir: A Generative Model of Psychosocial Dialogue Skills [PDF]

8. Ymir: An Implementation in LISP [PDF]

9. Gandalf: Humanoid One [PDF]

Black-and-White QuickTime of Gandalf 2MB
QuickTime of Gandalf 2 20MB
QuickTime of Gandalf 3 25.3MB

10. Ymir / Gandalf: An Evaluation in Three Parts [PDF

11. Designing Humanoid Agents: Some High-Level Issues [PDF]

12. Conclusions & Future Work [PDF]

Appendix 1. Character Animation [PDF]
Appendix 2. System Specifications [PDF]

Appendix 3. Questionnaires & Scoring [PDF]

References [PDF]



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