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This section is undergoing a redesign. Please check in a few weeks.

In the meantime: (most of the links are working but I'm still adding content)

Emonic Environment (improvisational network for creation/browsing/sharing of rich media)

Mixer-Subverter (an online system for children to mix and subvert each other's videos)

Emonator (direct link) (gestural controller for the Emonic Environment, control of music, video, and more)

InterElastique (was: Poetry in Motion) (creating visuals, music, and poetry using bungee ropes)

ViroTree (growing a virtual tree with the help of real water)

GuideShoes (wearable interface for street navigation using musical cues)

Mirror2000 (art project, affecting a live video stream with water)

Contextual Video Information Delivery Engine (C-VIDE) (find a movie according to an imprecise criteria)

Montage (soon)

EmoClothes (clothes affecting active media content, a wearable prototype)

Kelly Beats Dan (a tool for analysis of perception and interpretation in young kids)


PS. To thank the people that donated their software and hardware to my projects I have created this webpage.

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