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The Mixer-Subverter is an online system that allows children to integrate the activites of play (from giving to stealing; from sharing to being forced to receive) and the activities of video editing (creating, juxtaposing, controlling) into a never-ending process of mix and subversion.

It invites a storyteller within each of us to compose and visualize movies, images and sound environments while writing a story. In addition, the Mixer-Subverter encourages playful collaboration in an exchange network of unique media artifacts.

-more information / pictures to follow (under construction).


Supervisor: Glorianna Davenport

Agents in charge:
Paul Nemirovsky (Interactive Cinema Group, MIT Media Lab)
Cati Vaucelle (Story Networks Group, Media Lab Europe)


Online Demo (not public yet but a semi-working version exists)

Pending publication.