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On this page you can find the products donated to the various projects I'm working on.
I would like to thank the following companies for donating their Xtras to the Interactive Cinema Group at the MIT Media Lab (listed in alphabetical order):

Software Section
-to be added-

Xtras are programming libraries used in Director and/or Shockwave projects. Our group over the course of years has made a large number of projects employing a variety of Xtras.

Company Xtra donated Projects used in lately
Cat Effects CatFade GuideShoes
Gary Smith BuddyAPI Mirror2000
Geoff Smith Record Sound Xtra Emonic Environments
Media Lab Inc. AlphaMania & PhotoCaster GuideShoes, Mirror2000
SourceForce SequenceXtra MathPlay, MusIP
Tabuleiro DrawXtra GuideShoes

Hardware Section
-to be added-

-to be added-

If you donated software or hardware to one of the projects listed here and you don't see your name on, please contact me at pauln at mit.edu