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This is a partial list, inverse-chronologically arranged.
Some papers are theoretical; others are very implementation-focused.
To read, you will need the Acrobat Reader.



Improvisational Media Space :: Architecture and Strategies for Evolution
EvoMusArt, EuroGP2004, Coimbra, Portugal. Full paper.
Nemirovsky, P., Luger-Guillaume, B.

Mixer-Subverter :: an Online Improvisational Video System
AINA 2004 International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications. Fukuoka, Japan.
Nemirovsky, P., Vaucelle, C., Quattoni, A.

Redefining Digital Audience :: Models and Actions.
Interact2003, Zurich, Switzerland. Full paper.
Nemirovsky, P..

Genetic Improvisation Model :: a framework for real-time performance environments.
EuroGP2003, Glouchester, UK. Full paper. Best paper award.
Nemirovsky, P., Watson, R.

Emonic Environment – Implementation Report.
MAXIS2003, Essex, UK. Full paper.
Nemirovsky, P., Watson. R., Dickinson, D.

Hydrogen Wishes.
SigGraph 2003, San Diego, USA. Sketch.
Burleson, W., Nemirovsky, P., Overholt, D.

InterÉlastique :: a system for control of an audiovisual experience using novel stretchable sensors.
CIM'2000, La'Aquila, Italy. Full paper.
Nemirovsky, P., Overholt, D.

ViroTree: a Mixed Reality User Interface.
OzCHI 2000, Sydney, Australia. Short paper.
Nemirovsky, P., Burleson, W.

Aesthetic Forms of Expression as Information Delivery Units.
CSNLP-8, Galloway, Ireland. Full paper.
Nemirovsky, P., Davenport, G.

GuideShoes: Navigation based on musical patterns.
CHI'99, Pittsburgh, USA. Short paper.
Nemirovsky, P., Davenport, G.



Master of Science Thesis. MIT.
Readers: Profs. Glorianna Davenport, Rosalind Picard, Brian Smith (MIT Media Lab).

General Exam and related materials (ML internal access only)



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