MIT Media Lab
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Office: E15-445

Background and Research

I completed my Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab in 2006. This page is no longer being updated. Please visit Morwaread Mary Farbood's website at NYU for more current information.

Music Theory/Cognition/Computation

    Modeling Musical Tension - Dissertation research. A quantitative, parametric model for describing musical tension based on empirical data that takes into account multiple, disparate musical features including melodic contour, harmony, onset frequency, tempo variations, rhythmic regularity, and dynamics.

    Palestrina - Analysis and synthesis of Palestrina-style counterpoint using probabilistic Markov chains.

    Music Universals Study - Online study in collaboration with Josh McDermott (MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences department). Parts 1 and 2 are designed by McDermott, Part 3 is designed by me.

Computer-Assisted Composition

    Hyperscore - A graphical computer-assisted composition application that facilitates composition through the intelligent mapping of musical features to graphical abstractions.

    Future Music Blender - An interactive music technology exhibit at the Haus der Musik in Vienna. I wrote software that allowed museum visitors to compose with sound using sampled audio controlled by physical gestures.

Audio/Other Projects

    Paganini Project - MAX/MSP object that analyzes audio input from a violin and generates appropriate harmonic accompaniment. System designed for violinist Joshua Bell.

    AddSynth - Graphical application that allows users to model sounds with additive synthesis and other audio techniques.

    Nature of Mathematical Modeling - Simulations of differential equations and cellular automata.

Harpsichord Performance


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Last modified: 2 January 2007