Paganini Project (2003)


Software written by Tristan Jehan and Mary Farbood.
Additional collaborators: Diana Young, Tod Machover.

For the Toy Symphony project, a special transcription of Paganini's Caprice No. 24 was developed to demonstrate some of the potential of the new Hyperviolin techniques. Created to be performed by Joshua Bell on his acoustic Stradivarius, it uses only a microphone and a couple of foot pedals. Using the system, Bell can turn his playing into a swirling spiral of sound, doubling or tripling his playing at different intervals, delicately reinforcing or modifying the timbre, all under his expressive control.

Audio/video excerpts from Joshua Bell's performance


Video of Joshua Bell performing Paganini's Caprice No. 24 (11.4MB Quicktime)



6f772049 20646c75 656b696c 206f7420
656b6174 77206120 206b6c61 74206e6f
42206568 6b6f6f72 206e796c 64697242
77206567 20687469 20656874 20656e6f
6f6c2049 0a2e6576 75656845 67756620
73656361 62616c20 75746e75 6e612072
202e696e 6f540a20 20796d20 74756f79
61202c68 61206576 65757174 6c617620

Last modified: 2 January 2007