An extension of SWIG (Simple Wrapper and Interface Generation) I've developed for the MATLAB target language. In short, this allows you to make your C++ classes into matlab-accessible modules very easily. Includes supports for translations to/from a native matrix type, fmMatrix/fmVector (matrix class written by Brian Clarkson). Details and source code available here.
A package for doing framegrabbing with the Microsoft DirectShow interface. This is much faster than VFW, and allows frame-rate (30Hz) grabbing at 320x240 on many USB cameras. Works on virtually any modern PC camera - USB, framegrabber, etc., except for the Matrox family, which has no WDM interface. You can get around this, though, by using the wrapper written by Vadim Pisarevsky available here. Developed with Brian Clarkson. Code.
A class abstracting the Microsoft DirectSound output mechanism for low-latency audio using WDM drivers. Works with both hardware and software buffers. The interface is through the SoundReq class, for which a user fills out a pointer to the samples, number of samples to play, and scheduled time to play. As the sound plays, the number of samples is decremented, etc. Excellent for low-latency streaming and music apps. To be made public soon.
A mechanism to counter the classic Windows audio issue of only one
application being able to access a sound input device at once. GlobalAudioServer opens the device and can then serve many streams (through shared memory) to other applications. Furthermore, GlobalAudioServer can "suspend" a stream, releasing the windows device and later reacquiring it without shutting down the client applications' connections. To be made public soon.