recent solo work
These are various pieces I've done since moving to Seattle.  I have a variety of half-finished projects, and so far I'm only putting up the ones I think are ready for consumption.   They include "Supergirl," a love/tribute song from early 2003, a cover of "L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole (early 2005) made for a very special someone, which is probably the best example of my recent vocal developments. 
This is a jamming group I worked with during the summer of 2004, with Ashish Kapoor and Patrick Baudisch - Ashish and Patrick played guitar, and I sang (and sometimes played a third guitar, badly).  We wrote a number of very interesting pieces, none of which we completely finished, but still I think are quite good beginnings.  My favorites are "Picture On the Wall," "Michaelangelo," and of course, "Talking Rain."
This is the most "finished" incarnation of my solo work. I released an 8-song album in 2000 on (before it died) and called 08:29:06. This was my first attempt at going through the entire creation process - writing, playing, recording, re-recording, mastering, and publishing. My favorites are "Jackie" and  "Pretty Pretty," though "Condom in My Pocket" is a lot of fun, and "Promise Me" has a depressing sort of charm.
An ongoing project with Brian Clarkson to make the ultimate loop box. Two main objectives: (1) create mechanisms allowing the composer to sketch out a multi-layer loop idea quickly and easily, and (2) making it portable so that you can compose and perform loops anywhere. And when we say portable, we mean wearable - not just something you can put in a briefcase and carry around. Some early samples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
payne's grey
A band I was in during winter 2000-spring 2001, with my good friends Tracie Lee, Stepha Krynytzky, Aditi Rao, and Anindita Basu (no relation). We spent a 4-6 hours per week writing/practicing, wrote eight or ten songs, had a gig at Molly's Pub, and then everyone got too busy to continue. We have recordings of all of our songs, but my personal favorite is a chatty version of "Waiting for Tracie" from two weeks before our gig. Very nostalgic.
MIT Songwriting Club
great group of people with a common interest in making great music. We meet about once a month to have an open mic, a movie night, or just work on pieces together. If you're interested, check out the webpage and get on our mailing list - everybody is welcome, regardless of experience. I'm currently publicity chair; other members are Brian Clarkson, Rego Sen, Fred Choi, Ibrahim (from the Flobots), and others.
Older Music Projects
variety of pieces I've written in the past. There's the "Galvactivator Theme Song," written for a 50's style commerical in 1999; "Minuet," a classical piece from 1996; "Elaine" (1998), a piece about the Dawn story (1994), "Winter's Cold," which was the first piece I wrote (1992) using MIDI sequencing/layers. Most of this older stuff was written with my trusty Yamaha PSR-410 shown to the left.I now play with roland/studiologic/fender.