Scientific Mission

The purpose of my research is to achieve a synergistic balance between hardware and algorithms by means of a co-design, so that popularly held limits in data capture and imaging can be broken.

My work develops new sensing imaging modalities that rely on a carefully optimized capture process yielding computationally encoded measurements from which the information is decoded using mathematically guaranteed recovery algorithms/. This is fundamentally different from the traditional approach where hardware and algorithms are treated as decoupled entities. In this way, my work relies on a true melding of hardware and algorithms that is grounded in a scientifically principled approach.

My long-standing goal is to catalyze revolutionary methods for data sensing and imaging with emphasis on health diagnosis and consumer applications. To achieve this, I build on the theoretical foundations of mathematics; harmonic analysis, inverse problems, signal processing and high dimensional statistics.

Through multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaborations, my work creates tangible impact on real-world applications and poses new theoretical problems.