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Experimental Data

The experimental data consists of (basically) the same scene, under three different conditions of illumination :

Illumination A
Fluorescent lighting, a 3200K camera filter
Illumination B
Halogen lighting, a 3200K camera filter
Illumination C
Fluorescent and Halogen lighting, a 5600K camera filter

Three different scenes are lighted by the test illuminants, having different overall color balances (and accidentally, some specularities.) These are labeled by the color gamut present in the scene: all colors, little blue, and little red.

The video camera used was a Sony DXC-3000, which produced a composite video signal. The video was then digitized using a Digital Equipment Co. AV321 video card.

One problem with this test set is that the different illuminations were not co-located, causing shadows to be located in different positions. Another is that the same camera (and therefore sensor responses) was used throughout.

Two dimensional histograms of the test images are available: chromaticity and Red vs. Blue. In addition, the luminance edges, which are used by some Color Constancy algorithms, are identified.

Original Images
Illuminant A Illuminant B Illuminant C

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