Statistical Graphics and Visualization, Spring 2003

Tom Minka, Statistics Dept

Teaching Assistants:
Fang Chen

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 12:30-1:20, Doherty Hall 2105
Computer labs: Tuesday, 12:30-1:20, Wean Hall 5202
Office hour: Thursday, 4:30-5:30, OSC 219

1/13The history and science of visualization
1/15Histograms, modes, and outliers
1/22Kernel density, jitterplot, histodot plot
1/27Q-Q plot, density difference, density ditch
1/29Normal Q-Q plot, basic R programming
2/3Pies, bars, dots, and area charts
2/5Principles of visual encoding and connection
2/10Scatterplots and clutter
2/12Prediction curves and aspect ratio
2/19Time-series plots, superposition, growth chart
2/24Time-series cycle plots
2/26Rate of change plots
3/3Three-dimension plots
3/5Prediction surfaces, slicing
3/10Contour plots, history
3/12Interpreting contour plots
3/17Map projections
3/19Statistical maps
3/31Color science and color perception
4/7Map smoothing
4/9Dynamic graphics (movies)
4/14Hypervariate plots to explain outliers
4/16Projections of high-dimensional data
4/21Nomograms and parallel-coordinate plots
4/23Parallel-coordinates to describe data groups
4/28Iconic displays: stars, images, faces
4/30Airplanes movie, course wrap-up

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