36-315 Revision Policy

After graded homeworks are returned, you have one week to revise it and possibly improve your grade. The purpose is to reward you for learning from your mistakes and filling in any gaps in your knowledge.

What to turn in

Turn in your graded homework and your revisions of the questions you missed.

Simple averaging

The revision does not replace the original grade, instead the two are averaged together. For example, an original grade of 75 and a perfect revision would make your grade 88. Revision does not replace doing well the first time. For example, you cannot get a perfect score unless your original grade was perfect (in which case you wouldn't need a revision).

Perfect or doesn't count

Revisions must be perfect. If there is any question wrong on a revision, then the whole revision doesn't count. You can only revise once. This again encourages you to do well the first time, because the more you have to fix, the less likely you are to have a perfect revision.

Restricted information

Revisions are to be done privately, just like regular homeworks. You cannot share your graded homework with anyone else until the revision deadline. Anything the grader writes on your homework is for your information only.

Tom Minka
Last modified: Fri Jan 31 20:32:38 EST 2003