10-602 Assignments and Exams
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Statistical Approaches to
Learning and Discovery

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Assignment Due Date
Assignment 1
The solutions
February 1
Assignment 2
The solutions
February 8
Assignment 3
The paper to read
Files: The solutions
March 1
Assignment 4
The solutions
March 15
Assignment 5
Coalmining data
The solutions
April 5
Assignment 6
The solutions
April 26
Final Exam
Timeseries data
The solutions
May 3

  1. Assignments. There will be weekly or bi-weekly assignments, including a mix of problem solving and computing.
    Homework is worth full credit at the beginning of class on the due date.
    It is worth half credit for the next 48 hours.
    It is worth zero credit after that.

  2. Exams. There will be a take home final at the end of the course.