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Statistical Approaches to
Learning and Discovery

Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30-11:50   
Newell-Simon Hall 3002
   Instructors: Tom Minka
Stephen Fienberg
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   Secretary: Diane Stidle, WeH 4609, x8-1299
CALD 10-602 builds on the material presented in 10-601, introducing new learning methods and going more deeply into their statistical foundations and computational aspects.

   Text: Martin A. Tanner, Tools for Statistical Inference: Methods for the Exploration of Posterior Distributions and Likelihood Functions, third edition, Springer Series in Statistics, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1996.

Recommended reading on Bayesian methods:

Radford Neal, Bayesian learning for neural networks, Springer, 1996. ENGR&SCI 519 L47
Box and Tiao, Bayesian inference in statistical analysis, Addison-Wesley, 1973. ENGR&SCI 519 B788B
Gelman et al, Bayesian data analysis, Chapman & Hall, 1995. ENGR&SCI 519.542 B3572AA
Edwin Jaynes, Probability Theory: The Logic Of Science