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Camera Motion

Source Code

I chose to work in ANSI C, because of its portability and ease of integration into other projects I am working on. The kalman filter code is embedded in an application which loads the simulated data from files (stored in ASCII format), performs the monte-carlo simulation, and outputs the results back in to text files.

This is code that is specific to the model used in this particular project :

This code implements the basic algorithms used, and is model independent in nature :

Data Preparation and Analysis

Instead of writing standalone utilities for generating the simulation data, or using a pre-packaged utility, I chose to use MatLab. It allowed me to play around with the data and get a feel for the measurement model before the simulations, and easily analyze and plot the results.

Here are the MatLab files I used. The top-level worksheet guides you through the process, automatically doing some of the work and providing the rest in "commented out" form.