36-350: Data Mining (Fall 2002)

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 10:30-11:20, CFA 211
Computer labs: Friday, 10:30-11:20, Baker 140F

Tom Minka, Statistics Dept

Teaching Assistant:
Fang Chen

Final Exam:
Monday December 16th, 1:00-4:00, Baker Hall 255A

8/26Similarity searching for text
8/28Euclidean length, IDF weighting, classification via similarity
9/4Similarity searching for images
9/9Finding discriminative words
9/11Finding likely discriminative words
9/16Clustering with k-means and Ward's method
9/18Applications of clustering to text and images
9/23Multivariate visualization, scatterplots
9/25Visualization by PCA projection
9/30Discriminative projection
10/2Parallel-coordinate plots
10/7Visualization for prediction
10/10Contour plots
10/14,16Regression trees
10/21Linear regression
10/23Stepwise variable selection
10/28Bilinear interaction
10/30Slice plots
11/4Classification trees
11/6Cross-validation, tree pruning
11/11Logistic regression classifier
11/13Quadratic classifier
11/18Response tables
11/20Contingency tables
11/25Time-series data
12/2Time series of purchases

Tom Minka