Nat's Place
I am a member of a kibbutz.

kib-butz n (pl. kibbutzim) : a communal farm in Israel.
kib-butz-nik : a member of a kibbutz.

Before studying computers, and during the period of my studies, I worked on the dairy farm (refet) milking and caring for our 400 cows.

Israel's 248 kibbutzim are home to about 120,000 members.
  Site hosted by Shula Gilboa and Beeri Zimmerman on Jewish culture including shabat, bar-mitva, marriage, parashat ha-shabua, etc.

Beit Terezin
Beit Terezin is the Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association. It was built in memory of the Jews of Ghetto Theresienstadt who perished during the Nazi persecution. Besides being a center of documentation and a musem, it is also a study center for the Holocaust.
The archives of Beit Terezin own a card index of approximately 160,000 cards of all persons who were held at some time in the Theresienstadt ghetto. The card list was photocopied in the early fifties from the original in Prague. The copies are fading as time goes by and are already partly illegible. We decided to computerize the card index. This work was done on a completely voluntary basis and therefore took several years. It was completed in 1995.