comMotion: a context-aware communication system

Natalia Marmasse and Chris Schmandt
Speech Interface Group


comMotion is a location-aware computing environment which links personal information to locations in its user's life. For example, it reminds you of your shopping list when you are near the grocery store. Using satellite-based GPS position sensing, comMotion gradually learns about the locations in its user's daily life based on travel patterns. The full set of comMotion functionality, including map display, requires a graphical user interface. However, because it is intended primarily for mobile use, including driving, the core set of reminder creation and retrieval can be managed completely by speech.

  • The user is tracked with GPS.
  • A behaviour-learning agent determines the salient locations in the user's life.
  • Messages or reminders can be sent to these prominent virtual locations. For example, "home", "work", "grocery store", "Grandma's".
  • The user will only receive the specific message when in the relevant context (physical location, time and date).
  • Once the behaviour-learning agent has established virtual locations and mobility patterns, it can start pushing information to the user, such as, the latest traffic report when leaving "home" on the way to "work". Or on a Friday evening after leaving "work", the agent might get the movies playing at the local cinema.

    More details can be found in the publications:
    CHI '99 , HUC 2000 , IBM Systems Journal ,
    Ubicomp '01 workshop (published in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 2002 vol. 6)

    Last updated: Dec '01