Cooperating Mobile Agents for Dynamic Network Routing

Nelson Minar, Kwindla Hultman Kramer, and Pattie Maes

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We have written a series of papers we are writing about mobile agents for routing on multi-hop, dynamic networks. This paper is published in the book Software Agents for Future Communications Systems, Springer-Verlag, 1999, ISBN 3-540-65578-6.


Contemporary computer networks are heterogeneous; even a single network consists of many kinds of processors and communications channels. Networks are also inherently decentralized; capability is scattered across the system. But few system design methodologies embrace or even acknowledge these complexities. New methods and approaches are required if next-generation networks are to be configured, administered and utilized to their full potentials. In our research at the MIT Media Laboratory we are building systems that use mobile software agents to manage complex real-world networks. In this chapter we describe a strategy for using a collection of cooperating mobile agents to solve routing problems for dynamic, peer-to-peer networks.

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