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LEGO Dragon
1 Blackboard for receiving & dispatching simple messages
2 Blackboard for receiving & dispatching semantic messages
3 Yellow antennas tuned to simple messages
4 Red antennas tuned to complex messages
5 Simple messages
6 Complex messages
7 Unimodal Perceptual Processors
8 Multimodal Perceptual Processors
9 Decider modules
10 Meta-knowledge
11 Dialog Knowledge Base
12 Domain Knowledge
13 Antennas tuned to communication between knowledge modules
14 Layer containing high-speed processes
15 Layer with medium-speed processes
16 Layer with relatively slow processes
17 Orange antenna tuned to motor requests
18 Motor scheduler
19 Behavior Lexicon
20 Primitive motor instructions
21 Compound motor instructions
Content Layer Process Control Layer Mutlimodal Perceptor Reactive Layer Reactive Layer Process Control Layer Content Layer Unimodal perceptor Decider

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