Augmented Tangibles from Anthony DeVincenzi on Vimeo.

As augmented reality becomes more pervasive and advanced, Eccescopy, or the study of an augmented world that has been enhanced in such a way as not to interfere at all with your experience, will become a dominant paradigm. Augmented Tangibles explores this reality, building and creating artifacts in which the virtual reality that we experience is one-in-the-same with physical reality.

My colleague, Tony, and I focused on a space that was both educational and mechanically actuated, allowing virtual parameters to affect physical reality and to modify it in meaningful ways. The artifact we chose to build teaches kids about planets, reflecting the solar system and helping them to understand differences in scales. One interesting observation that came from this project was finding that the difference between the sun and the planets became a challenge to represent in the virtual world being mapped on to the physical world since the sun, our closest star, would be the size of the media lab building, itself. We ended up taking some artistic license and annotating the augmented world with special notes.