Michael Murtaugh

I'm a graduate of the Interactive Cinema Group of the MIT Media Lab. I completed my Masters degree at the end of August, 1996.

Currently (October 2002), I live in Amsterdam. Links to current work can be found on my site, automatist.org.

You can reach me via email at mm@automatist.org.
A rather dated resume is available as well.

My media lab research focused on designing systems that guide viewers through collections of inter-related material. Applied to a specific story's content, these "storytelling systems" act as "editors in software," making sequencing decisions on the fly based on viewer preferences or activity.


NiF Elastic Catalog A Java-based online catalog of project abstracts for the News in the Future consortium. The applet demonstates a seamless and dynamic presentation of type to situate and guide the reader thorough the database of nearly 50 project descriptions.

Jerome B. Wiesner A Random Walk through the Twentieth Century A Java-based "hyper-portrait" of the late Jerome Wiesner. The site uses a central Java applet, frames, and embedded QuickTime to allow a fluid and guided progression through the story's content.


The Automatist Storytelling System
Putting the Editor's Knowledge in Software

Masters Thesis, 1996

ConText Towards the Evolving Documentary
with Glorianna Davenport
Published in the Proceedings of ACM Multimedia '95, San Francisco


A demo of a system I designed called ConTour

A Video Self-Portrait made of old photographs of myself

A machine I built with Dave Kung and Dave Small for a class.