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Margaret Minsky

Original Sewing Projects

My sewing projects page

Sewing Links

Marvin Minsky's Rope Tie: Original Lightweight Rope Tie
Andy Nguyen's Tailoring/Sewing Page
Sylvain Bergeron's Sewing Page
Tigger (Grace Sylvan)'s Home Page Sewing Links
Randy Pausch's great stuffed animals and paisley car: Randy Pausch's sewing page
Vy's Sewing Page
Mostly knit garment projects: Laura Marple's sewing page
Diana Lane's Textiles Page
Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild
Yahoo Arts/Textiles Page
This one is fun: Worst Quilt in the World
Wonderful, luxurious textile and fashion design, with nerd appeal!: Jhane Barnes
My favorite fabric, Polartec : LLBean Fleece Prints and Colors
Gorgeous exhibit of Tsugigahana Kimono (worth bothering with the site registration): Itchiku Kubota Kimono
Great source for vintage patterns: Patterns from Past to Present
The Tangled Threads Home Page
A Wonderful small store with a nice web page that carries Pfaff. The owner also puts out two lovely polarfleece patterns. I just bought a new 7550 from them!: Morning Glory Fabrics

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