Marco A. Escobedo

Research Scientist

Uruguay 58, Centro Histórico
México, D.F. CP 06000


I'm a Research Scientist at the Telmex Center for Digital Culture where I head the "New Technologies" group. I'm interested on incorporating new technologies, such as mobile devices and wireless networks, into projects of social impact in Mexico and Latin America, with the goal to empower, enrich, and inter-connect developing communities.

I'm an experienced Electronic Systems Engineer graduated in 1998 from the "Tec de Monterrey" Campus Morelos with a Masters degree in Media Technology from MIT Media Lab where II worked with the eDevelopment group in projects in India, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

   Center for Digital Culture (2002-2004)
  PalmEra - research project with the goal to develop mobile solutions for medical, financial, and agricultural applications.
  Cantera - a low-cost easy-to-use Server Appliance and Web Builder which allows small organizations to set up web portals with minimal resources and no special skills (view ppt in spanish)
  MIT Media Lab (2000-2002)

Convivo Communicator - a VoIP system designed to provide reliable voice communication for poor quality networks, especially those found in rural areas of the developing world, read more ...

  VAN Village Area Network - a broadband network for rural developing communities that penetrates an entire village with mobile applications and fixed wireless services, read more ...

AgI Agricultural Information System - Connects farmers from isolated rural communities to markets, to knowledge, and to each other. read more ...

  • M. Sin, M. Escobedo & M.L. Best. A Directory Service for Multi-literate Users. To appear on the Proceedings of ICME 2004 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo. Taipei, Taiwan 2004
  • M. Escobedo & M. L. Best. Convivo Communicator: an Interface-Adaptive VoIP System for Poor Quality Networks. Journal of Information, Communication & Ethics in Society (ICES).
  • M.L. Best, L. Burnes, M. Escobedo & H. Shakeel. Village Area Network, Bohechio. Proceedings of the Seventh International Working Conference of IFIP WG 9.4 (p. 211-220). Bangalore, India. 2002.
  PDF: english version, spanish version