Kelly Heaton, Scott Snibbe and Paul Pham
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  january - march 2000
color palette


ColorAnime is a Java Applet (left) that treats any digital image as a palette. Unlike an ordinary palette, from which an artist chooses a static color, ColorAnime enables the artist to sequence colors with a simple line drawing.

Like a software version of the Digital Palette, ColorAnime can be used as a tool for introducing animation into physical pixels, such as Nami and Peano.

Directions: Hold down the left mouse button and drag inside the canvas to make a new shape. The completed shape will have a white outline, indicating that it is selected. Next, hold down the left mouse button and drag inside the color palette to set the color for the selected shape. If you click inside the color palette once, the color of the shape will be static. If you draw a line inside the color palette, the shape will animate with color at a rate determined by your gesture.

Make a composition by adding more shapes to the canvas and coloring them with the color palette. Select between shapes by left clicking with your mouse (white outline indicates selection). Use the "[" and "]" keys to move a selected shape forward and backwards in the composition.