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Kelly Heaton /

Steve Gray, Saul Griffith, Yael Maguire, Sarah Martinez, and many others.
This project is funded in part by the MIT Council for the Arts and the MIT Media Laboratory. Furby(TM) is a trademarked product of Tiger Electronics.
The layout for the mounting holes was determined using a custom software application. Next, this 90 x 90 inch composition was broken up into 25 panels that could be cut out of marine grade plywood using a 100 watt CO2 laser. Thank you to Neil Gershenfeld and the Physics and Media Group of the MIT Media Laboratory for use of this equipment.

The photographs on this page illustrate the process by which the panels were attached to the support structure. Wood glue, small nails and clamps hold the panels to the supports. For a description of the support structure, link here.

In the next stage, epoxy and bondo will be applied to the entire structure to increase structural stability and fill the gaps.
The final panel