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Kelly Heaton /



The Pool is a 90" x 90" reactive composition made of 400 Furby™ pixels. The front of the display is shaped like a meniscus, within which the refurbished pixels are arranged to form a diagram of the molecular structure of H20. Link here for an illustration of this effect.

The installation is not a passive viewing experience. Instead, the pixels of The Pool are designed to look and talk back, thereby creating a circular dialogue between the observer and the observed.

Right: Narcissus and the reflecting pool (Carravaggio). Below: Artist's concept of the viewer experience.
Link here for a Shockwave animation. Go here if you need to download Shockwave.



If no one is standing near the display, the refurbished pixels wait quietly with shut eyes. When a pixel detects the presence of an observer, it opens its eyes and speaks. Hundreds of Furby™ pixels talking asynchronously form a dynamic reflection of the viewer.


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