Hanging Messages using context-enhanced messages for just-in-time communication

Emily L Chang - supervised by Prof. Pattie Maes
Software Agents Group - MIT Media Lab - Spring 2001

Recent innovations in wireless and mobile computing have enabled the development of Just-In-Time communication channels using devices such as cell phones and handhelds. However, as with existing systems such as e-mail, there is a real danger that individuals will be overwhelmed by the speed and volume of information flow. The solution presented in this project is to locate an agent on each user's mobile wireless device, which will make use of existing context to filter incoming communications. Ideally, a user should never receive any message which is unsolicited or irrelevant to her current context.

The complete implementation includes a central message server and any number of wireless Internet-enabled, location-aware mobile devices, which may send and receive messages. Among the filtering mechanisms used by the agent are a precise hierarchical categorization for messages, user profiling by rules, and multiple location-based operational modes for each user. The end result is a real time communication system which allows users to quickly receive relevant, time or location-sensitive messages.