Because we live in a three-dimensional world, it's tempting to directly translate the spaces in which we live and work to virtual, three-dimensional spaces. While these translations are usually quite legible – if a space looks like its real life equivalent, its use is quite obvious – we believe that such translations don't take advantage of all that three-dimensional worlds have to offer.

We are designing meeting spaces for Second Life that take full advantage of the features that set it apart both from other mediated environments and real-world meeting rooms. We hope that these meeting spaces will be useful tools in their own right, as well as providing a framework for the design of future interactive spaces in virtual worlds.

Check out a full description of the current agree/disagree space design here.

Read about this project at Technology Review.

If you'd like to take part in future tests of our spaces, you can join the Sociable Media group in Second Life.

Come visit a demo space in Second Life!

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View of a meeting being held in the space.
A close up view of a conversation in progress.
Close up view of the dwell system; the cylinder grows taller as avatars stay still.
The todo system. The avatar in the foreground has a todo assigned, which will follow him around as he moves.
Chat from the meeting is recorded in blocks that float upwards.