Marty's Bidness Cards

I think the story goes, back in the day, Media Lab graduate students obtained colorbar card stock from the man, and after a bit of creative work with the printer, they had your very own set of bidness cards, hot off the laser-printer.

Alas, those heady days are gone. These days, creative graduate students submit their name, contact info, and pre-approved project title to the man and a couple of months later the man issues neatly boxed, and tastefully appointed business cards. Inquiries of the form, "isn't this a bit stifling?", are met with swift and firm disapproval (trust me on this one).

Recently, I was moving out of E15-384 and I unearthed an uncut sheet of Marty's cards. I promptly scanned them in. Enjoy:

Grunt/Slave/Hackers Associate
Data Janitor
Research Assistant 1
Research Assistant 2

If you like to visit the actual card-sheet in person, it is now part of the kitsch surrounding the Vismod Barf Bag Collection in E15-383.

Update. The Barf Bag and Kitsch Collections are gone. The Barf Bag Collection has taken up a new virtual residence. The Location of the kitsch collection (including the business cards) is currently unknown. If you visit the Virtual Vismod Barf Bag Collection, please look behind your monitor. If you find the kitsch collection there, please let us know that it's alive and well.

"Christopher R. Wren" Fri Oct 29 17:16:43 1999