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Investigating transport of charged nanoparticles using multiphoton fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

For optimal therapy of solid tumors, nanoparticles must penetrate the interstitial matrix to reach the cancer cells. I developed a multiphoton fluorescence correlation spectroscopy system to probe the effect of charge on the diffusion of quantum dot nanocrystals in collagen and collagen-hyaluronan composite gels of human colon adenocarcinoma. Experimental results suggest that neutral nanoparticles diffuse faster than charged particles.


M.Z. Poh
"Investigating transport of charged nanoparticles by multiphoton fluorescence correlation spectroscopy."
SM Thesis, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, MIT, September, 2007.

T. Stylianopoulos, M.Z. Poh, N. Insin, M.G. Bawendi, D. Fukumura, L.L. Munn and R.K. Jain.
"Diffusion of particles in the extracellular matrix: The effect of repulsive electrostatic interactions."
Biophys J, vol. 99, no. 5, pp. 1342-1349, 2010.


normal vessels

Quantum dots in normal blood vessels

tumor vessels

Quantum dots in tumor vessels

gel matrix

Collagen gel mimicking tumor matrix


Distribution of cationic quantum dots (red) in gel


Distribution of neutral quantum dots in gel


Distribution of anionic quantum dots in gel

experimental setup



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