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Medical mirror: Vital signs at a glance.

Digital health devices promise to transform the future of medicine by enabling ordinary people to take a more active role in the management of their own health. How can we simplify the process of performing a self-checkup? In collaboration with Daniel McDuff, I designed and built a new mirror interface that provides real-time measurement of heart rate without the need for physical contact. The medical mirror fits seamlessly into the home environment and blends the data collection process into the course of our daily routines.


M.Z. Poh, D.J. McDuff and R.W. Picard.
"A medical mirror for non-contact health monitoring."
ACM SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies, Aug 2011.



One-way mirror.


Putting the system together.


Photo credit: John Carnett.


Latest version of mirror hanging on glass wall (Photo credit: Spencer Lowell).



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