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Wristband for long-term measurements of electrodermal activity and actigraphy.

Changes in skin conductance at the surface, referred to as electrodermal activity (EDA, also known as galvanic skin response), reflect activity within the sympathetic axis of the autonomic nervous system and provide a sensitive and convenient measure of assessing alterations in sympathetic arousal associated with stress, emotion, cognition, and attention. Due to the lack of sensors that can be worn comfortably during normal daily activity and over extensive periods of time, research in this area is limited to laboratory settings or artificial clinical environments. I developed a novel, unobtrusive, nonstigmatizing, wrist-worn integrated sensor suitable for long-term, continuous assessment of electrodermal activity during normal daily activity.


M.Z. Poh, N.C. Swenson and R.W. Picard.
"A wearable sensor for unobtrusive, long-term assessment of electrodermal activity."
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, vol. 57, no. 5, pp. 1243-1252, 2010.


sensor on wrist sensor electrodes sensor board


example of 24/7 recording of EDA

weeklong EDA


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