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Cardiocam: Contact-free physiological measurements using video imaging.

The option of monitoring a patient's physiological signals via a remote, contact-free approach is important for advancing telemedicine and improving both the access and delivery of primary healthcare. I led the development of a method for measuring multiple physiological parameters (including heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability) using a basic webcam. In addition, we demonstrated that this approach can be extended to perform concurrent measurements of multiple persons.


M.Z. Poh, D.J. McDuff and R.W. Picard.
"Advancements in non-contact, multiparameter physiological measurements using a webcam."
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, vol. 58, no. 1, pp. 7-11, 2011.

M.Z. Poh, D.J. McDuff and R.W. Picard.
"Non-contact, automated cardiac pulse measurements using video imaging and blind source separation."
Optics Express, vol. 18, no. 10, pp. 10762-10774, 2010.



(a) Simultaneous heart rate measurements of multiple persons. (b) Accuracy of heart rate measurements.


Methodology for extracting cardiac pulse wave.



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