Yuri Ivanov

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PhD in Media Arts and Sciences

(Computer Vision)  

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
201 Broadway St.
Cambridge, MA 02139
ph: (617) 621-7592
fax: (617) 621-7550
e-mail: yivanov at media.mit.edu,
yivanov at merl.com


This is a really old page. Please go here for an updated version of my work-related info, CV, news, etc...

Research Interests

Medical imaging, Sensor networks, Machine learning, Action analysis, Computer Vision

I graduated in 2001. During my grad school years at on point or another I was advised by Prof. Bruce Blumberg, Prof. Alex (Sandy) Pentland and Prof. Aaron Bobick.

I now work at MERL in the area of Medical Imaging, Event and Activity Recognition. I also hold a Visiting Scientist position at MIT Center for Biological and Computational Learning with Prof. Tomaso Poggio.

MIT CBCL Media Lab Vismod Characters

By Popular Request...

... and a kind permission of Gary Bradski to use his likeness for my personal benefit (whatever that might be), here is my hack on the video of Gary in an inspired performance of a scene from La Bayadere (Act I, Scene XXV, Allegro). Video - OpenCV.