History of the Laser Printer


1969 Gary Starkweather, at Xerox's research facility in Webster, New York, demonstrates using a laser beam with the xerography process to create a laser printer.
1979 IBM introduces the IBM 3800 laser printer, capable of printing 20,000 lines per minute.
1981 May Xerox unveils the Star 8010, at the National Computer Conference. Many features that were developed on the Alto are incorported. It includes a bitmapped screen, WYSIWYG word processor, mouse, laser printer, Smalltalk language, Ethernet, and software for combining text and graphics in the same document. At a starting price of US$16-17,000, the computer is not a commercial success. During its lifetime, 100,000 units are produced.
1984 Apple Computer gives LaserWriter printer prototypes to Lotus Development, Microsoft, and Aldus, in hopes of their developing application support for it.
1984 Hewlett-Packard introduces the LaserJet laser printer, featuring 300dpi resolution, for US$3,600.
1985 Apple Computer releases the Apple LaserWriter laser printer.
1986 Jan Apple Computer introduces the LaserWriter Plus printer.
1990 Hewlett-Packard's introduction of the LaserJet IIP breaks the US$1000 street price barrier.
1992 Fall Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP LaserJet 4 laser printer.
1993 June Hewlett-Packard introduces the LaserJet 4ML laser printer.
1993 QMS introduces the ColorScript Laser 1000 color laser printer, for US$12,499.
1995 June Apple Computer introduces its first color laser printer, the Color Laser Printer 12/600PS. The 600x600 dpi printer comes with 12 MB of RAM, uses a Canon-based engine, and costs about US$7,000.
1996 April Hewlett-Packard begins shipping the HP LaserJet 5 line of laser printers.

Adapted from: http://www3.islandnet.com/~kpolsson/comphist/