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We are entering a new technological era that holds great promise. The emergence of augmented reality as a new interface to interact with our environment allows us to introduce virtual data into the real world. Moreover, every year, the number of devices connected to the Internet increases exponentially, which leads to the fact that hundred of Smart objects are sending data back and forth to the cloud persistently. These two powerful concepts are now arriving to a convenient convergence. And this is the starting point of Qbox.

Qbox is an entertainment and educational product for children consisting of a little cube robot, a toy figure and a mobile device app. The kid can interact with the toy figure through augmented reality displayed on the device. First of all, the kid has to introduce the little figure into the cube. When the Augmented Reality is displayed, the character will appear inside the box and become alive. The character can interact with the box, with the kid and also with the world.