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In the summer of 2015, Jaron Lanier led a team at Microsoft Research, comprised primarily of research interns from seven universities, to demonstrate a social, ambulatory, Mixed Reality system. When these qualities are combined together, the requirements for components and architectures change, and new types of experiences and applications are enabled. For an example of how components must change, the headsets must be untethered, and must have sufficient field of view for people to see augmentations on each other and in nearby shared spaces. No prior headsets met these requirements, so the team developed a new headset design, the Reality Masher.


J. Lanier, V. Mateevitsi, K. Rathinavel, L. Shapira, J. Menke, P. Therien, J. Hudman, G. Speiginer, A. Stevenson Won, A. Banburski, X. Benavides Palos, J. Amores Fernandez, J. Porras Lurashi, W. Chang. "The RealityMashers: Augmented Reality Wide Field-of-View Optical See-Through Head Mounted Displays". In ISMAR 2016. IEEE.